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Home Brands men-ü Shaving Brushes Pro Black Shaving Brush & Shave Crème 15ml
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Set includes:

Shaving brush:
The choice of top professionals: barbers & stylists Use up to 40% less shave crème than badger bristles. Easier to clean & keep clean & therefore more hygienic. No bristle loss as there’s no expansion and contraction through absorption.
A new generation of shaving brush for a new generation of user. Exclusive men-ü bristles are manufactured to be smooth, solid & non-absorbent.

To use: Before using the brush for the first time wash with soap and water and then rinse in clean water. When you are ready to shave, immerse bristles in clean, warm water and shake off excess.
Apply men-ü shave crème to the side of the wet brush or in the palm of a wet hand. Generate fine, rich creamy lather and distribute about the moistened area to be shaved in a circular motion (You may need to use a little more shave crème with a new shaving brush).
For a really smooth feeling – shave again. There may be enough crème left on the brush (another benefit of using a good quality shaving brush) or if not, just add a little more shave crème.
Rinse the brush in clean water after use and shake off excess (don’t use water that is too hot or leave in water). Always dry your brush by hanging on the stand provided. The bristles should always dry down and away from the handle as this helps promote the longevity of the bristles and is most hygienic.

Shave Creme buddy tube 15ml:
Use with or without a shaving brush. Used by top professionals (and is multi-award winning) for a great close shave, slip & smooth ride for your razor blade means less resistance, less nicks and a longer lasting blade! Includes tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic & antibacterial which is ideal for spots and shaving rash. Packed with lubricants including silicone and moisturisers that help to provide optimum slip without drying the skin. Many foams and gels generate too aerated a lather. What is in contact with skin & beard matters, all else is wasted! With men-ü Shave crème you see where you have shaved and the crème breaks down upon contact with water, so will not clog multi blade razors.

To use: Apply a large pea size amount onto the side of a damp shaving brush or 1.5 to 2 shots into a wet palm. Spread with circular motion generating a creamy, rich lather. Rinse face well after shaving.

men-ü Shaving Brushes Pro Black Shaving Brush & Shave Crème 15ml

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