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DELAROM products are created with complex blends of essential and plant oils, all 100% pure which help strengthen your skin's natural defences. This scientifically advanced, Eco-friendly, natural cosmetic brand offers products devoted to cleansing, restructuring, nourishing and protecting skin from head to toe.

DELAROM has made Aromacology (the study of the influence of plant scents on behaviour and mood) the basis of its product range. Using primarily Mediterranean ingredients and valuable essential oils that are known for their calming, regenerative, antioxidant and intensively moisturising properties. Each DELAROM product contains balancing, stress-relieving scents such as sweet orange oil, orange mint and petit grain oil. DELAROM's efficacy has charmed many loyal followers with its revitalising fragrance and anti-ageing results.

Specially designed to combat premature ageing by tackling the Progerin in our cells.
Juvenessence and IRIS, renowned for their moisturising and revitalising action, are combined with other natural active ingredients to restore skin’s structure and fight visible signs of ageing.

To use: Apply with your daily skincare routine, morning and/or evening.

Active Ingredients: Juvenessence, an innovative active ingredient in the prevention of skin ageing, IRIS maintains the skin’s elasticity, Burkholderia Caribensis extract maintains hydration, emollient and nourishing organic Cocoa Butter, organic virgin olive oil for more supple skin

DELAROM products are Silicone free, Paraben free, contains no mineral oils, no phenoxyethanol and no animal origin ingredients. Dermatologically Tested.

DELAROM Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Pro-Cellular Serum 15ml

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