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Fragrances vary in strength, a factor that directly influences its prices. The main ingredient is an alcoholic water solution. It is the percentage of perfume relative to the water that determines its strength.

For Women

  • Parfum is the strongest concentration and is compiled to provide exceptionally long lasting fragrance from very little liquid. Parfum is the most expensive variant of the fragrance range and can retail in excess of $140.00
  • Eau de Parfum (Edp) is the next strongest version and is intended to give a more enduring scent for a more reasonable price
  • Eau de Toilette (Edt) is the most popular and affordable concentration. Containing a higher percentage of water and fewer essential oils, Edt is nearly always presented in a spray
  • Eau de Cologne is weaker than Edt with a lower concentration of essential oils
  • Eau Fraiche has very low fragrance content and is sometimes called 'Perfumed Mist'. Often alcohol free, this concentration proves popular in the summer months

For Men

  • Eau de Toilette Spray is generally the strongest concentration available and can be used on the body and on clothing but should not be used as an aftershave as it may cause irritation
  • Aftershave is weaker than Edt so that it can be used on the face
  • Aftershave Balm is a perfumed lotion or cream of similar concentration
  • Did you know? “Aftershave lotion” is how the French describe normal Aftershave. It is not actually a lotion, but a clear liquid just like an Eau De Toilette or Cologne, but in a weaker concentration, normally supplied in a non-spraying bottle and intended to be splashed onto the face and neck.

Fragrance Hints & Tips

  • Kept away from heat and light, an unopened fragrance will be good for at least four years
  • Identical fragrances will not only smell differently also last longer when applied to some people than others. The balance and chemical make-up of your skin is why this is the case
  • Avoid storing fragrances in bathrooms as the fluctuating temperatures and humidity will degrade the scent rapidly
  • Exposure to the air should be kept to a minimum, as once opened, the ingredients will deteriorate - this mainly applies to dab-on fragrances more so than sprays
  • People who are sensitive to fragrance should apply the liquid to clothes as apposed to directly on the skin
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