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Perfect Body Cream 200ml

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Carita, Progressif Anti-Age Global (Perfect Body Cream 200ml)
Perfect cream for body is an exceptionally effective anti-ageing treatment formulated to correct imbalances in mature skin. This precious product, which contains real gold particles, revitalises the skin and leaves it soft, smooth, toned and firm.
Actions and benefits

This repairing treatment smoothes the skin instantaneously with a “second-skin” lifting effect. It helps to combat skin slackening and reduce the orange peel effect. Imperfections are minimised. Your body will be unbelievably smooth and look younger.

Apply daily to the whole body, after a bath or a shower. Massage in using circular motions, paying special attention to troublesome areas and areas where the skin is losing its tone.
Is it for you?

You want to revitalises the skin to regain a toned and firmed body.

Based on its luxury formulae and the result of recent scientific research, CARITA brings to you the purest of new firming and beautifying active ingredients, for a toned, luminous and silky-smooth skin that is wonderfully radiant.


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