Facebook is one of the best platforms for selling beauty products. The trick here is to create a relevant ad and then use proper micro targeting. Below you’ll find some of the types of ads you could try, and then some potential ways to target for them.

Ad types:

• Video – These are great because you can really engage with the viewer. Then tell them to click a link and shop for the products to solve their needs.

• Text – Look at who you are targeting and why. Write a compelling message and bring them to a blog post or video where you outline a solution that meets their needs. It could be anything from beauty products that work with XY skin types, or creating a specific look for an event.

• Carousel – If a new season is coming up, show the newest colors and offer a discount code to people that are interested in them.

• Lead gen – You can use an image of a final look or style and then run an ad where you’ll email them the step by step guide to create it and have your affiliate links for the products and tools used in the guide.


• Demographics – you can target by age, gender, location and income

• Interests – reaching people by brands they follow and affinity groups are a great way to refine your audience

• Life events – Facebook lets you target people based on upcoming life events like people who have events coming up. It could be anything from weddings to a man with a friend having a birthday in 30 days. This is a big opportunity if you know they’ll need a formal or fun look.

If you’re ready to give the above a try, or come up with a unique plan, get in touch to enquire more about our social content opportunities - our team will be ready to brainstorm social media strategies that meet your needs and work for your audience.

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