PPC marketing can get expensive quickly, but it can also be a great way to earn commissions. The trick is to find the right variations of keywords that find someone in the shopping process, and then bring them to the right page.

Start by looking up products that inspire you on the allbeauty website, then look up the keyword search volumes on the search engine you’ll be running ads with. Now you just need to build your list. Here is a way to go from generic (less targeted but high volume) to longtail (very targeted but lower volume). If you’re stuck on how to make them more longtail, here is a list of modifiers you can use.

• Lipstick

• Lipstick for

• Lipstick for women

• Cheap lipstick for women

• Cheap (insert brand) lipstick for women

• (insert brand) red lipstick for women

• (insert brand) red lipstick for women on sale

• (insert brand) (insert color name or style number) lipstick for women on sale in stock

You’ll see that in the example above, we start with a term that is very generic and could be for women or men, teens or adults, people with different skin tones or at any price point.

As we move down the list, we modify the keyword so that it becomes more targeted to a specific style that may have been discontinued and is only available online. The search volume is lower, but the buyer intent should be higher.

If you take this person to the product page and it is in stock and can be shipped, you may generate some sales and earn a commission.

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