Sweeten Up Your Haircare With Paul Mitchell Neon®

It’s the exclusively Generation Z hair care range: we review Paul Mitchell Neon®

Paul Mitchell Neon®  is a full range of hair care for ‘Generation Z’ (that’s anyone born this century). Infused with natural sugar, Paul Mitchell Neon® is a little sassy and a little sweet, setting the standard for emerging trends. And, made primarily for Generation Z, Neon® focuses on inclusiveness, individuality and building self-esteem. With six products in the range, Neon® is fully equipped to give you any style you want…

Paul Mitchell Neon® Review

We asked allbeauty fan Elysia to try the Paul Mitchell Neon range!

Paul Mitchell NeonI’m not usually one to fuss about what brand of hair product I use and  tend to just use any ol’ shampoo and conditioner in the shower at the time. However, after using the Paul Mitchell Sugar Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner my hair definitely thanked me for it! 

The products have a sweet, sugary scent (hence the name) which leaves hair smelling so delicious. I couldn’t believe it, even after the first time of using them my hair already felt softer, smoother and super silky. My favourite thing about all of these products is that my hair was left feeling like I’djust walked out of the hairdressers: aka the best feeling ever!

The Sugar Twist Tousle Cream works wonders. My hair is the awkward, ‘in-between’ type where it’s neither curly nor straight, so I use heat on my hair almost every day. The tousle cream has literally changed my life, it’s so quick and easy to create more defined waves which don’t look like I’ve just rolled out of bed in the morning. The product also gives so much texture which helps form the perfect messy bun!

The Sugar Cream is amazing for creating  flawless braids, making hair that little bit smoother yet adding the control you need to do the braid. It even prevents  those annoying pieces of hair from sticking out (most frustrating thing ever!) which is a miracle.

Paul Mitchell NeonLast but not least my favourite one out of them all, the ‘Hold + Control’ Spray. I’m never usually picky when it comes to what hairspray I use however this one is by far the best. I’ve recently been wearing my hair in a slicked back high pony and I used this spray to hold all of the wispy pieces of hair that don’t quite tie up in place. I love it! It doesn’t leave your hair hard and crispy but it’s sure to hold your hair in place all day. It also smells incredible!

I would 10/10 recommend Paul Mitchell Neon® to a friend purely on how amazing they smell and how they have made my hair look and feel SO much healthier.

Bonus! When you use Neon®, you’re helping to support anti-bullying organisations, such as The Diana Award and Stand Up To Bullying. Kindness is the mission. Together let’s create a world where everyone can be themselves and shine! Shop the Paul Mitchell Neon® range at

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