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Betaine Salicylate

Betaine Salicylate is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) derived from sugar beets. As a derivative of beets, many products containing betaine salicylate are vegan-friendly.

Combining hydrating and exfoliating properties to nourish and restore your skin, this BHA is the latest beauty sensation. Betaine salicylate is oil soluble which means it can penetrate the deeper layers of your skin and unclog your pores from the inside. It works by dissolving keratin and sebum build-up in the skin's pores, breaking down dead and damaged skin cells on the skin's surface to reveal fresh new skin underneath. The cleansing of sebum from the pores also helps to prevent acne and blackheads, and reduces hyperpigmentation.

As betaine salicylate is a milder BHA than salicylic acid, it may work better for those with mild acne, while salicylic acid would be suitable for more severe breakouts.

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