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  • The allbeauty Summer Fragrance getaway

    If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling the pain of missing out on a summer exploring the sights, sounds and scents of your favourite holiday destinations. From the lavender fields in the South of France to the herb-lined streets of Greece, smell has an amazing ability to transport us back to a special time and place.

    While we might not be able to get you on that all-inclusive holiday you had planned, we can help you bring an element of it into your perfume collection. Welcome to our Summer Staycation Fragrance Edit.

    South of France

    If someone bottled the scent of fresh baguette, brie and merlot, we’d snap it up in an instant, but apparently there’s not much of a market for that. Instead, we’ve taken our inspiration from Provence, where vineyards, pine forests and lavender fields stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s no wonder the country’s perfume capital is the Provençal town of Grasse.

    With the likes of Dior and Chanel calling France home, there’s certainly no shortage of beautiful fragrances inspired by this stunning country. But when it comes to bottling Provence, there are a few that deserve special mention.

    Libre, Yves Saint Laurent

    Who better to create a divine perfume reminiscent of the South of France than YSL? With lavender, orange blossom and jasmine, it’s the ideal fragrance for whisking your senses away to Cannes, no matter where in the world you are.

    Mon Guerlain, Guerlain

    With hints of Provence, this perfume by Guerlain is complex and lends itself to both day and evening wear. Bergamot and lavender are the top notes, the heart is floral with rose, jasmine and iris, and the base is a warm musk of vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean.

    Bonus: A fantastic fragrance for men, Lancome Hypnose Homme includes the essence of lavender of Provence, balanced with fruity citrus and sensual musk.


    Ah, Spain, the most popular summer holiday destination for the UK population. As a country rich in regional cultures and landscapes, there are huge differences between the North and South of Spain, as well as the many offshore islands. But when it comes to fragrance, we simply have to focus on the areas of Seville and Valencia, where orange blossom and the scent of citrus waft through the streets.

    Eden, Cacharel

    Don’t let the simple bottle deceive you, Cacharel are well-known for their unassuming but gorgeously scented fragrances. With notes of orange blossom and mimosa, this perfume has “summer holiday” written all over it!

    Ô de L’Orangerie, Lancôme

    A crisp, fresh scent, Ô de L’Orangerie is sure to have you reminiscing of time spent on a sunny costa. Orange blossom, zest and bergamot are offset against aquatic and jasmine notes to create a bright, clean fragrance.

    Italy, Greece & The Eastern Med

    For the scent of the cosmopolitan city streets of Rome or Athens, you can’t go wrong with The Scent Absolute For Her by Hugo Boss, which beautifully captures the rich aromas of vanilla and coffee that wafts from every cafe. But when we think of the Mediterranean in summer, it’s all about the coast.

    From the Amalfi Coast to the Greek Islands, the air is heavy with the heavenly scent of lemon, herbs and the ocean – a combination that makes for a beautiful perfume.

    Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary Wellbeing Fragrance, Neom Organics

    Crisp and refreshing like a shot of limoncello, this fresh and fruity summer scent has an infusion of grapefruit and lemon oils, balanced with warming rosemary. Not only is it 100% natural and organic, but it has mood-boosting properties too – just what you need for fighting the no-holiday-blues!

    Blu Mediterraneo, Acqua Di Parma

    For the perfect Mediterranean perfume, look no further than Blu Mediterraneo, which includes all the scents you’d expect to find on a summer jaunt to Italy or Greece. Basil, lemon and bergamot create the top notes, while floral rose and jasmine complement the fragrance, with a touch of marine breeze to keep things light.


    One of our favourite Asian holiday destinations, Bali is the jewel in Indonesia’s crown. As you’ll see, many of the fruits and flowers which grow wild on the island are also found in areas of the Caribbean, but there are a few perfumes which we think are uniquely reminiscent of Bali.

    Black Opium Neon, Yves Saint Laurent

    A new take on the classic YSL Opium, you’ll find the same signature notes of vanilla, mandarin and jasmine, combined with more exotic notes that transport us straight back to a hammock on a Balinese beach. With notes of dragon fruit, hibiscus and black coffee, it’s a fantastic summer scent.

    Aura, Mugler

    Fruity and tropical, Aura is a veritable buffet of lusciousness. Pear, lemon, bergamot and berry balance hibiscus seed and jasmine flowers in this feminine fragrance.

    The Caribbean

    What we wouldn’t give to be sitting on the shores of Hawaii or the Bahamas right now. Oh well, gin in a tin and a fancy fragrance will have to suffice! While similar in composition to the Bali scents, the perfumes which most remind us of the Caribbean blend exotic fruits with tropical flowers to create the perfect sultry, sweet fragrance.

    Heat Rush, Beyonce

    Leave it to Queen B to create a show-stopping perfume! Heat Rush has top notes of passion fruit and blood orange, mid notes of cherry, mango blossom, hibiscus and yellow tiger orchid, and base notes that include honey and teak. Tantalised? We thought so.

    Virgin Island Water, Creed

    Picture the sea breeze skirting over crystal clear water and up into the mountains, and you’ll be some way to visualising the smell of this fragrance by Creed. Citrus top notes are balanced with floral hibiscus, jasmine and ylang-ylang and base notes of coconut, sugar cane and rum.

    With our pick of destination-fragrances, you’ll be set to make the most of your summer. The back garden may not be Club Tropicana, but at least you’ll be smelling fabulous.

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