6 Ways To Boss Your Bikini Line

6 steps to boss your bikini line, whether you’re going totally bare down there or just need some light maintenance, we give you the lowdown on hair removal

Our beauty editors share their top tips for making hair removal a little less traumatic (here’s looking at you, red bumps!) – especially when it comes to your bikini line…  

Despite the number of women shaving their legs, arms and bikini line dropping from 97% to 77% in the last five years, hair removal is still one of the biggest – dare we say, sometimes traumatic! – tasks of being a woman.  That’s not to say that we think all women should dare to go bare – we’re as big a supporter of the #ladygarden movement as you – but if you do want to remove hair, we’re here to make it as painless as possible…

Step one: go in for the trim

Braun 3-in-1 Silk Epil bikini trimmer hair removal bikini line

Razors are designed for shorter hair, so if you’re shaving your bikini line properly (i.e. not everyday) then the hair should be too long for a normal razor before you try and remove it. Trying to shave shorter hairs will  only irritate the skin and leave you with red bumps and ingrown hair – eek!

A specially designed bikini trimmer – like the 3-in-1 FG Silk-Epil from Braun – will allow you to trim, style and shape your bikini line in meticulous detail, without the risk of any nicks. Bikini trimmers also reduce the amount of friction your skin is exposed to, meaning fewer bumps and irritation, and don’t require wetting the skin first.

Step two: hydrate and exfoliate

Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream hair removal bikini line

Spending five minutes in a warm shower or bath will always get you better results than not. The reason? Warm water will help to soften the skin and hair, which will result in a smoother, softer shave.

Next, go in with a gentle exfoliator to prime the area. Exfoliating will help to remove dead skin cells and encourage the hair to ‘pop up’ a bit, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs. The trick is to opt for something gentle. And if you wouldn’t use it on your face, don’t even think about it! We love Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream. Made from 97% natural ingredients, it carefully eliminates excess sebum without irritating your bikini line.

Step three: lather up!

If the next step in your grooming routine is a razor, it’s vital that you lather your bikini line on up. Shave gels specifically designed for the bikini line are available at most supermarkets and beauty stores, and often contain aloe vera to soothe skin. But a good, moisturising shower creme works just as well. Gently coat the area to provide a protective layer for your skin, and to make your shave seamless.

Step four: and shaaaaaaave

Philips Wet and Dry Electric Lady Shaver hair removal bikini line

If you’ve followed the prep steps above, that’s ^ how smooth a razor should feel against your skin. When using a razor, pull skin taught to allow the blade to get as close to the skin as possible and prevent any nicks. Keeping strokes light and gentle, start by shaving in the direction of your hair’s growth. Apply more lather, and shave in against the growth direction.

When choosing your razor, opt for one that offers multiple blades (meaning few strokes are needed), or go for an electric choice with ergonomically designed heads. We love Philips Wet and Dry Electric Lady Shaver, which feature a single floating coil designed to glide over contours for an even, scratch-free shave and can be used wet or dry.

Step 5: … or epilate!

Braun Silk-epil 7 wet&dry epilator hair removal bikini line

Put out of your mind any horror stories you’ve heard about epilating. Sure, it might be more uncomfortable than shaving (which should be totally pain-free, FYI), but if you’re after super precise, long-lasting results, and epilator is going to be the most efficient at-home tool. With results as smooth as waxing, epilators work by plucking hairs at the root. We love the Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet&Dry epilator, which includes a sensitive bikini trimmer to prevent irritation and can be used wet or dry.  Also great for those who struggle to let hairs grow long in the first place, epilators are most efficient on shorter hair.

Step 6: always, always moisturise

Decleor Aroma Epil Cream for Sensitive Areas hair removal bikini line

Before leaving the shower, rinse the area with cold water and pat dry. And, regardless of whether you remove it all or simply tidy up a bit, it’s super important to moisturise after hair removal. We love the Decleor Aroma Epil Cream for Sensitive Areas, specifically designed to soothe sensitive areas to prevent irritation and slow the re-growth process. It can also be used on brows, lips and underarms – win!


You can shop all hair removal products online at and remember: you’re beautiful with or without hair!

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