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XERJOFF, founded by Sergio Momo in 2003, epitomises luxury perfumery. Blending opulent raw materials with old-world craftsmanship and contemporary artistry, each Xerjoff flacon is a masterpiece housing rare ingredients.

Embark on a fragrant odyssey with XERJOFF's enticing collections. From the enchanting Collection Muse to the timeless Coffee Break, each reveals finely bottled pure perfume oils and Eau de Parfums - an invitation to a world of exquisite fragrances.

Or if you’re looking for luxury, why not try the exclusive Shooting Stars Uden Eau de Parfum. This unique fragrance promises a sensory experience encapsulated in a meticulously crafted bottle. Explore the harmonious fusion of artistry and refined craftsmanship that defines XERJOFF.

Discover the chanting fragrances today and embark on a scented journey beyond the ordinary.

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