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Bomb Cosmetics

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After a hectic week of hustling and bustling, nothing beats the therapeutic embrace of a warm bath infused with a luxurious bath bomb. Enter… Bomb Cosmetics. Give yourself the gift of relaxation with this gorgeous assortment of bath bombs to provide the perfect sanctuary for your tranquil escape.

Enter the realm of serenity with this Sweet Illusion Bomb Cosmetics Gift Pack - an answer to your relaxation prayers. From glitter bombs to floral scents, immerse yourself in a selection of meticulously crafted, handmade products, each offering a unique aromatic experience.

Or why not gift some Christmas magic with the Christmas 2023 Christmas Rein-Cheer Sack? Bring a touch of joy and silky smoothness to your bath time with seven handmade bath bombs enriched with pure essential oils and a sprinkle of glitter for added festive cheer.

Elevate your self-care routine and make every bath a retreat into bliss. Explore allbeauty's range of Bomb Cosmetics below.

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