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Known for its bold and innovative approach to fashion, Moschino seamlessly translates its distinctive aesthetic into a captivating collection of perfumes.

Eager to dive into the diverse world of Toy fragrances? The Moschino Gifts & Sets Toy Mini Set x 3 is your ticket to exploration! This fabulous set features three captivating scents: Moschino Toy Boy Eau de Parfum Splash, Moschino Toy2 Bubblegum Eau de Toilette Splash, and Moschino Toy2 Eau de Parfum Splash. It's the perfect opportunity to indulge your senses and discover the playful side of Moschino's fragrance collection.

For a playful and lively fragrance, Moschino Toy2 Eau de Parfum is the ultimate choice. Its fruity and feminine notes seamlessly combine floral and woody accords, promising a dynamic scent that's bound to capture attention.

Think of the beaming sun as you lose yourself in the sparkling, lively, and fun-loving embrace of Moschino's I Love Love – the ultimate perfume of love. A beacon for women who revel in happy, uplifting fragrances, this optimistic scent from the Moschino collection seamlessly blends youthfulness with maturity, instantly transporting you to a cloudless, warm summer day.

UOMO? That’s the question! This fresh and invigorating scent is designed to awaken the modern man’s sense of smell. With notes ranging from coriander grains and kumquat to rosewood and cinnamon leaves, this amber wood and musky fragrance will be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Discover the scent that resonates with your personality and complements your style, as Moschino invites you to embrace the extraordinary in every spritz.

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