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Juliette Has a Gun

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Step into a world where fragrance becomes a statement. Juliette Has a Gun captures the essence of audacious femininity, offering a collection of scents that redefine sophistication and allure.

'Not A Perfume' from Juliette Has a Gun is a minimalistic yet refined fragrance, What sets it apart is its unique feature of being entirely allergen-free, making it an exceptional choice for individuals who may have sensitivities or those who usually shy away from wearing perfumes.

If you’re looking for an elegant, more fruity fragrance that harmoniously blends the invigorating notes of delicate florals with a medley of sweet and citrusy fruits then Juliette Has a Gun Magnolia Bliss Eau de Parfum is for you.

It doesn’t stop there, Juliette Has A Gun also presents perfume accessories, such as the Universal Pure Spray Atomiser.

It’s time to make your statement in scent — explore the range now.

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