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BABOR has been setting standards in medical skin care since 1956. Sustainable. Professional. Babor develops highly effective, individual solutions to meet the needs of every skin type. Confirmed by dermatological experts around the world.


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Pioneering in bio and sustainable medical skincare since 1956, BABOR creates highly effective, individualised solutions to answer the needs of every skin type.

The BABOR range is a symphony of scientifically advanced formulations that redefine beauty with every application. Uncover the secret to timeless radiance as BABOR combines cutting-edge technology with natural ingredients.

Experience the power of dual-action skincare with BABOR Cleansing Gel & Tonic Cleanser 200ml. This oil-free formulation combines the efficacy of a clarifying cleansing gel and a balancing facial toner in one, delivering a comprehensive solution for clean, refreshed, and balanced skin.

If you’re hoping to achieve smooth, cleansed skin without sensations of tightness, BABOR Cleansing HY-ÖL Cleanser & Phyto HY-ÖL Booster Balancing Set is for you. BABOR has mixed the natural cleaning prowess of water and oil to create an award-winning two-step deep cleansing product for you.

Approved by dermatological experts all over the world, explore the full range of BABOR products at allbeauty here.

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