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Step into the enchanting world of Ghost Perfume. Made with precision and passion, this scent is designed to embody the elusive beauty and grace of a ghostly presence.

Launched in 1999, Ghost is a floral scent that harmoniously merges jasmine and rose petals, while seamlessly blending gentle vanilla and earthy sandalwood. It also incorporates hibiscus with a subtle touch of musk.

Live in the present moment as the Orb of Night gracefully descends, ushering in the emergence of a passionate sun. Experience the allure of cherry almond playfully mingling with a vibrant heart of cherished ethereal florals. A mix of caramel and sandalwood signals the onset of nocturnal richness. Meanwhile, intriguing orange blossom delicately layers atop a canvas of delicate white musk.

Embrace your ethereal self and discover the range of Ghost Perfume at allbeauty today.

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