International Women’s Day: Neom Exclusive

Neom Organics Founder, Nicola Elliott, talks exclusively to allbeauty about the women that she finds inspirational, what motivates her to succeed and the part NEOM plays in making our lives just that little bit easier. After building her very successful business for the last 15years, we certainly think she’s an inspiration.

We asked Nicola…

Which women do you look up to? There’s so many, my best friends, colleagues, our customers, but mostly my Mum and Sister. My Mum because she’s a superwoman! Also, she doesn’t follow trends, she simply goes for what works for her and I think that’s great!  My sister Katie was awarded an OBE for her services to climate change and was influential in Neom being a natural brand right from the start. She’s got her priorities totally right, and she’s also a great laugh! 

What is one thing your mother has taught you? Never follow trends – you do you!

What is some advice you would give to younger women or your younger self? Keep on keeping on – you’ll get there, enjoy the journey!  (and don’t sweat the small stuff!)

What does #eachforequal mean to you? Inspired women inspire women.

What motivates you to succeed? My family of course, but also our customers. At so many points along this journey, I have been pushed to my absolute limits. But every step along the way, I’ve got to see just how and who I was helping and that’s truly what motivates me. From the first handwritten notes we’d get from our families and friends to the emails and Instagram posts we now see (and we read every single one of them!) or when someone floats out of one of our treatment rooms. The novelty never has, and never will wear off! 

What do you feel has been the biggest industry game-changer in the last 25 years? The need and want for naturals – and the ability to create these formulas with real results now, from fragrances to face care… finally naturals are no longer the poor relations, and our tribe, combined with greater interest from labs are creating some amazing results based products…. so exciting to see more developments.

What does NEOM do to help women? We’re here to inspire people to live naturally healthier lives, without the preaching! We help women (and men) manage their wellbeing in a bitesize way – small steps big difference, that’s our mantra!

What motivates you/NEOM to succeed? Similar to the above really, I may be having a real moment of self-doubt or feeling really panicked about a big decision, and then I’ll get an email from a customer that puts it all into perspective. Whether they’re going through a difficult time, or are simply saying thank you. It’s after reading these messages that it always hits me – we are in people’s lives in the way that I always hoped we’d be. Not as something pretty to look at or as something expensive to show off, but in a way that DOES something real and makes a difference. That makes me so bloody proud and keeps me going!

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