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Clinique Perfume Guide – Find Your Fragrance

Clinique Perfume Guide – Find Your Fragrance
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When Clinique first launched at Saks Fifth Avenue in 1968, it was the first prestige cosmetics line to be dermatologist-driven and allergy tested. Cleanliness and hygiene of the skin were the top priorities for Clinique - and in 1971, a few years after the Clinique’s successful beginning, the brand launched its first perfume ‘Aromatics Elixir’, creating the world’s first aromatherapy scent. This ‘calm in a jar’ fragrance can still be found today in bestselling products like Clinique Aromatics Elixir Body Smoother and the Clinique Aromatics Elixir Body Wash.

With a little help from allbeauty, you can find the right Clinique fragrance for you, with our Clinique perfume guide.

Which Clinique Perfume are you?Clinique Happy

An iconic fragrance, Clinique Happy was launched in 1998 and remains a bestseller today.

Clinique Happy starts off with uplifting citrus fruits, apple and plum before giving way to light-hearted florals. Comforting musk and amber end this Clinique perfume perfectly. It’s a perfume you’ll keep coming back to time and again, as it instantly transports you to a happy, sunny morning when everything is right with the world. Shop Clinique Happy here.

Clinique Happy For Men

Why should women have all the fun? Clinique followed its immensely popular Happy with a Clinique perfume for men. Clinique Happy For Men is a zesty, playful perfume with opening notes of sparkling citrus followed by lightly floral middle notes and a masculine, woodsy base.

Not an overpowering perfume, Clinique Happy For Men is still a powerful one, letting you escape to a place of simplicity and happiness every time you wear it. Shop Clinique Happy For Men here.

Clinique Happy Heart

Clinique Happy Heart is a Clinique perfume of gorgeous simplicity. Made up of just three notes – mandarin orange at the top, water hyacinth in the heart and a white wood base, Happy Heart instantly uplifts your mood.

If you’re looking for something elegant and makes you feel beautiful inside and out, this is the Clinique perfume for you. Shop Clinique Happy Heart here.

Clinique Aromatics in White

A modern take on the Aromatics Elixir, Clinique Aromatics in White symbolises the purity of the woods – capturing their fragrance through transparent petals and warm grey, amber notes with the intriguing spiciness of Sichuan pepper. Lush, deeply sensual, and yet peaceful, this perfume is a great addition to your fragrance collection and it makes a perfect gift too.

Clinique Aromatics in White is the perfume for you if you’re looking for something elegant, feminine, and calm. Add it to your basket today.

Clinique Calyx

Fruity, floral, and always popular, Clinique Calyx embodies the sparkling energy of a feel-good moment. This perfume features a captivating combination of opening citrusy notes, sweet florals at the heart and unique woods at the base. Wearing Clinique Calyx will instantly boost your mood – shop Clinique Calyx Exhilarating Fragrance here and feel unique and beautiful with every spritz.

Clinique manages to strike all the right notes with its bestselling perfume collection. Shop the best of Clinique fragrance at great prices on allbeauty, or shop Clinique skincare, makeup and more here.

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