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Fragrance Guide: From EDT to EDP & Storage

Fragrance Guide: From EDT to EDP & Storage
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There are some questions we’re asked every day: Where to store perfume? What’s Aftershave Balm? EDT or EDP? Here’s the fragrance guide, what it is and the best way to store it.

What is Fragrance?

The main ingredient in every fragrance is alcoholic water. The actual scent is then added, usually a creation of essential oils, natural and synthetic fragrances. The fragrance strength determines the price. All fragrance can be sprayed onto the body or clothing, but for hair it’s best to use a dedicated hair mist.

Womens’ Fragrance Guide (shop women's fragrance here)

Parfum is the strongest possible concentration and the rarest. It’s also incredibly expensive and prices can run into hundreds of pounds for a tiny amount. Parfum is usually only available for very high end fragrance or from bespoke parfumiers.Eau de Parfum (or EDP) is the strongest available ‘high street’ fragrance available for women. It’s usually kept for evening wear or special occasions due to the intensity.

Eau de Toilette (or EDT) is the most popular concentration. EDT contains a higher percentage of water and nearly always comes in a spray. It’s lightweight and ideal for everyday wear.

Eau de Cologne is rare these days and weaker than EDT. It’s usually supplied in a ‘splash’ bottle and dabbed on the wrists or neck.Eau Fraiche is the weakest concentration available and is often called 'Perfume Mist'. Frequently alcohol free, it’s fantastic for summer months when it helps to cool you down and add a soft scent.
Womens Fragrance Guide

Men’s Fragrance Guide (shop men's fragrance here)

Eau de Toilette Spray (EDT) is usually the strongest concentration available and can be used on the body and on clothing. However it shouldn’t be used as an aftershave as it may cause irritation. Aftershave is weaker than EDT and can be used on the face. It’s also known as ‘aftershave lotion’ but don’t be put off, aftershave lotion is definitely NOT a balm! It’s just the way the French describe aftershave that’s intended to be splashed onto the face. Aftershave lotion is always a liquid, usually supplied in a splash bottle.Aftershave Balm is a perfumed lotion or a cream usually intended to soothe skin after shaving as well as adding scent.
Mens Fragrance Guide

Fragrance Tips:

Keep your fragrance away from heat, light and humidity - that means definitely NOT in the bathroom! A bedside table or drawer is ideal (unopened fragrance will last at least four years if you store it correctly.)It’s completely true, fragrances do not smell the same on everyone. Nor do they last the same amount of time from person to person. The chemical makeup of your skin is the reason for this. It’s also possible to become ‘nose blind’ to a scent you love and if you start to find you can’t smell it any more, it’s time to change your scent.Any questions around fragrance? Leave us a comment below!
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