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Redken Mega Mask Review: Tried & Tested By allbeauty

Redken Mega Mask Review: Tried & Tested By allbeauty
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Redken recently unveiled a set of Mega Masks, offering extra help to stressed out hair. Being good sports we decided to try them out - here's what happened...

Brand new for February 2017, Redken unveil three new 'Mega Masks'. These promise to provide intense benefits in just 3-5 minutes and can be used every third wash or whenever intense conditioning is needed. Our Redken Mega Mask Review is by Katrina, Fiona and Claire, members of the allbeauty Team. 

Claire tried Redken Extreme Mega MaskFor a maximum strengthening and repairing effect to soften hair while fortifying hair fibres, and give health benefits for up to three washes.

Redken Extreme Mega Mask Review
I chose the Extreme mask because my hair has been very coarse, with a fair amount of breakage after every wash (I blame the weather). The instructions were pretty simple - apply the mask to shampooed, towel-dried hair and leave for 3-5 minutes. The only other direction was to press the 'button' in the centre of the tube so the 2 formulas inside mixed evenly.

The mask felt like applying night cream to my hair (in a good way). Rich and silky, with a soft scent that reminded me of coffee cremes. Application was easy and the product smoothed onto my hair really well. With no information on the amount to apply, I went with the usual amount I'd use for a mask and finger-combed it through my hair, starting at the tips then working to the roots.

Redken Extreme Mega Mask Review
Not even my jazzy pyjamas can cheer up that 'before' frizz!

Around 5 minutes later I rinsed out the mask, towel-dried and left my hair to dry naturally. I did notice my (usually very tangled) hair was not tangled at all and my hair felt super-soft. I couldn't see any broken ends either, yay! Next morning I brushed my hair and gave it 2 minutes with a flat iron. It was noticeably softer, with no tangles. The ends look healthier and there's no smell at all to the hair which I love. I didn't use any styling or finishing products in the picture for a fair comparison.

Redken Extreme Mega Mask Review
The frizz is strong in my before! Still a little frizzy afterwards, but to be fair anti-frizz isn't one of the Extreme mask's aims.

Redken Mega Mask Review - 'Extreme' Verdict

Overall I'm happy with the result. I can see a definite change in my hair and for just 5 minutes investment that's a great result! I think next time I'll apply less product, I *may* have gone overboard when applying the mask, mainly because it feels so good! I'll be keen to see how long-term use affects my hair.  The good news is there's still a lot of product left in the tube, so I think this will last me a good amount of time.


We also tried the 2 other Redken Mega Masks. Here's what we thought:

Redken Mega Mask Review
Katrina reviews Redken Color Extend Magnetics Mega MaskFor a maximum nourishing and colour intensifying effect to extend the life of hair colourand give health benefits for up to three washes.

The mask felt smooth and creamy but I wasn't keen on the smell, a little bit 'chemically' for me. I would have preferred a flip top lid too, fiddling around with a screw top cap in the shower is annoying! The button didn't seem to make any difference to what came out of the tube and I wasn't able to tell if contents of both tubes were being dispensed, however it was very easy to apply. I didn't notice any immediate effects in the shower - my hair didn't feel smooth or silky as I washed it out. However, when I dried and styled my hair afterwards, it definitely felt a lot softer and more manageable.

Katrina's Verdict:

Although my hair did feel soft and silky afterwards, I wouldn't say any more so than a good conditioner. I think to see the full effect, I'd need to invest in the whole Color Extends Magnetic range and give it a little longer.

Redken Mega Mask Review
Fiona reviews Redken All Soft Mega MaskFor a maximum hydrating, strengthening, and nourishing effect to soften hair, boost shine, and give health benefits for up to three washes.

The mask felt nice and creamy and was nicely scented - a hint of coconut but not too sickly or overpowering.  The short leave on time was a bonus but I felt the use of the button/dual chamber was gimmicky and possibly unnecessary! The mask itself was easy enough to apply to the hair and not hard to rinse out. My hair was easy to brush after washing (I usually need to apply a finishing product e.g. Pillow Proof to avoid tugging at knots). My hair looked great after blow drying - thick and smooth with less frizz. I have found it feels a bit heavy/greasy around the roots so I would definitely focus more on the ends of my hair next time.

Fiona's Verdict:

Overall I would say it left my hair feeling better than other oil-based hair masks I've used and the short leave on time is a bonus when you are time poor!

Redken Mega Masks - About The Range

Depending on your hair type, three masks are available:

Redken Mega Mask Extreme for Damaged Hair > Containing RCT Protein Complex to treat the hair from the root to the core to the tip. Fortifies hair to be 15X stronger.* Redken Mega Mask Color Extend Magnetics > Captures colour for 4 weeks of vibrancy and radiance* with the power of the RCT Protein Complex. Redken Mega Mask All Soft For Dry Hair > Designed specifically for dry, brittle hair. Provides 15X more conditioning* to restore softness, shine and suppleness.
*when using shampoo, conditioner and Mega Mask

All three masks contain the following active ingredients:

RCT PROTEIN COMPLEX SOY PROTEIN (helps add structure by sealing in moisture and boosts body) ARGININE (helps condition hair by stimulating the scalp) SEPICAP (helps restore the look of ends)

If you've tried Redken Mega Masks comment below and tell us what you thought. Don't forget to tag us in your before and after pics #allbeauty

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