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At1: Good Things Come In Small Packages

At1: Good Things Come In Small Packages
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allbeauty’s skincare brand At1 is built with a focus on sustainability and natural resources. So, it comes as no surprise that not only has the range been crafted from botanical ingredients, but that the packaging itself has also been carefully considered.

After all, what good is it to create a wonderful skin cream if the bottle is going to end up in landfill?

Discover what sets the At1 skincare brand apart and how they’re raising the bar on packaging in the beauty industry.

At1 Skincare Containers

The no-compromise philosophy that guided the development of At1 products continued throughout packaging decisions, with new techniques developed along the way.

Take, for example, the wooden tops which adorn the three glass-jarred products in the range. While wooden lids have been available to manufacturers for some time, they traditionally use plastic threads - a compromise At1 weren’t willing to make. Instead, the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wooden lids you’ll find in the range were designed specifically for the brand and are constructed with wooden threads.

And, when natural wood and recyclable glass isn’t right, At1 utilises the latest technology. The Clarifying Foaming Cleanser and Hydrating Toning Mist rely on a spray system that involves a tube mechanism not easily rendered from nature. The answer? Bio-based HDPE plastic, a minimum 96% biobased material, made from renewable sources - in this case, sugar cane.

At1 Product Packaging

While it would have been arguably easier to do away with external packaging altogether, At1 wanted to retain that element of the purchasing experience, knowing that there’s something rather magical about unboxing a newly arrived treat. After all, sustainability needn’t equate to sacrifice.

With an elegant design reflecting its position in the luxury skincare market, the At1 range looks graceful sitting on your nightstand. The packaging was illustrated by renowned artist Justine Ashbee and is based on the fluidity and delicate symmetry found in nature; the lulling dance of the waves, the intricate whirls of a shell, the stratified petals of a flower bud.

Finally, the beautifully illustrated packaging is designed with recycling in mind. So, you can enjoy opening the elegant box of your newly purchased skincare, knowing that it’s made entirely from recycled materials and uses water-based, environmentally-friendly inks and varnishes.

At1 Delivery Packaging

A surprising number of companies ship their “green” products to customers complete with multiple layers of plastic bubble wrap and polystyrene beans. For At1, that simply wasn’t an option.

With allbeauty being the exclusive retailers of the At1 range, all orders are shipped using the same plastic-free packaging you know and love. The shipping box arrives to you free of company branding because the only thing better than recycling is reusing. So, after receiving your newest At1 purchases, you can reuse that unassuming little brown box for all manner of things.

What are you waiting for? Discover the full At1 range today.

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