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At1: The Story Behind The Brand

At1: The Story Behind The Brand
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Looking for the newest evolution of skincare? You’ve found it with At1, founded by the allbeauty team.

At1 is redefining sustainable skincare, harnessing the power of land and sea to create a range inspired by nature. Designed by the allbeauty skincare experts, the brand was created to fill a gap in the market for UK-based, eco-conscious, transformative beauty products.

This is the story of how a passion for skincare became a bold new brand.

Where It Began

In early 2020, the skincare experts at allbeauty identified a growing demand for sustainable, UK-formulated skincare. With a growing focus on the need to protect our planet and increasing awareness of the many health properties of plants, it was time to welcome in a new age of skincare.

Sure, greener choices had slowly been making their way onto shelves over the past few years, but the beauty industry needed a brand that was willing to face the challenge head-on. While many existing skincare brands had been slowly trying to turn toward a greener ethos, the flexibility that comes from starting from scratch is unrivalled. The team knew this was the opportunity to start a skincare brand that put nature at the very forefront of its design, formulation and packaging.

Having decided to create an all-encompassing range for the modern woman, the team set out to discover what women of the UK most wanted from their products. A survey was completed by 2500 allbeauty consumers to understand their skincare needs, wants and likes. And, with the insight gathered from this feedback, the combined knowledge of allbeauty’s skincare experts and a passion for natural ingredients, At1 was ready to begin development.

Creating The Range

Before even stepping foot in a laboratory, the At1 team agreed on a clear goal for the brand - to produce mindfully-made skincare that makes no compromises.

Above all else, the At1 range would be:

• Sustainable, using plant extracts • Innovative, combining natural ingredients with the latest technology • Collaborative, listening to feedback and acting on it • Accessible to all, with vegan and cruelty-free manufacturing

At1 soon partnered with leading chemists at Orean Personal Care, a specialist manufacturer, and began to develop products that would form a complete skincare regime. Challenged to think outside the box, Orean was given the tricky task of finding natural ingredients that could offer multiple benefits to all skin types.

By the end of the process seven products were ready for testing; Clarifying Foaming Cleanser, Hydrating Toning Mist, Restorative Eye Serum, Hydrate & Nourish Day Cream, Luminating Anti-Ageing Serum, Restore & Boost Night Cream, Deep Cleansing Balm.

Putting The Range To The Test

While many brands don’t seek consumer feedback until the marketing stage, At1 wanted to ensure customers had a chance to give their feedback throughout every stage of the process. So, while the range was still in development, a testing panel was created to ensure products were meeting the needs of a wide sample of women.

The testing panel involved 100 allbeauty customers who had volunteered to be part of the project. The panel was selected to include a wide range of ages and skin types that was representative of the diversity of women in the UK. Each woman received samples of all seven products.

The panel proved invaluable when, during the trial, a number of panellists identified three products as being ‘good’ but not great. These products were brought back into the lab where the development chemists made further tweaks to the formulation. Happy with the new and improved products, At1 redistributed them to the panellists to retest.

The result? Seven exceedingly good skincare products that were universally loved by the panel of 100 women.

Meet The At1 Range

Clarifying Foaming Cleanser

A gentle, sulphate-free cleanser that uses the powers of cottonseed oil, oat and ceramides to cleanse, moisturise and reduce irritation.

Hydrating Toning Mist

A hydrating tonic enriched with rose water, salicylic acid and p-Refinyl, a lentil extract, to minimise pores and even skin tone.

Restorative Eye Serum

Reduce dark circles, fine lines and dryness with this targeted eye treatment that contains hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut extract and pioneering botanical actives.

Hydrate & Nourish Day Cream

Lightweight without sacrificing moisture, this moisturiser uses shea butter and oat extract to nourish and smooth the skin, while giant kelp and cocoa seed extract protect against environmental pollution and UV damage.

Luminating Anti-Ageing Serum

A potent anti-ageing serum that erases fine lines and wrinkles using bakuchiol, vitamins A and E, and kakadu plum, the world’s richest botanical source of vitamin C.

Restore & Boost Night Cream

A rich night cream that gently exfoliates and encourages collagen production while you sleep, thanks to protease enzymes, algae extract and swertia stem cells.

Deep Cleansing Balm

A rich, creamy balm for effortless cleansing, the array of beneficial ingredients include grapeseed, sunflower, apricot and blackcurrant oils to cleanse, plump and soothe.

Want to learn more? Discover the botanical ingredients that were hand-selected for the At1 Luxury Natural Skincare Range.

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