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Discover the Art of Styling with Shu Uemura Art Of Hair

Discover the Art of Styling with Shu Uemura Art Of Hair
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Bored of the same old hair styling routines, day in, day out?

allbeauty’s favourite Japanese haircare brand Shu Uemura has just launched a brand new luxury haircare range based around the Art of Styling. With a sleek new look, enhanced reformulation and artistic approach to product design, we are so excited to reveal more details about this innovative collection!

Read on to discover more about the range that will encourage you to get out of your style rut and become your very own hair ARTIST.

The art of hair brand philosophy

The story of Shu Uemura, starts with its namesake Mr. Shu Uemura, brand pioneer and former makeup artist to Hollywood stars.

Born and trained in Tokyo, it was his belief that “hairdressing is never complete without beautiful make-up and beautiful make-up is never complete without beautiful skin.”

Shu Uemura Art of Hair aims to promote holistic beauty - providing essential hair care and styling products with unique formulas & ingredients. Their product formulas are blended into tailor-made perfection for each individual’s unique hair needs.

Unexpected ingredients, Powered By Nature

Using Shu Uemura products is a sensory experience. Each ingredient used within the Shu Uemura range celebrates the brand’s Japanese heritage, as well as the art of wabi - finding beauty and inspiration from nature.

Onsen inspired ferment

Onsen is a Japanese term for a hot spring, or bathing facility based around a hot spring. Onsen-Inspired Ferment is a key ingredient in the Art Of Hair range. Invigorating and purifying, the ferment is drawn from volcanic sources, situated 2000m deep off the California coast. Renowned for its benefits on the mind and body, this ingredient is inspired by the soothing experience of soaking in an Onsen!

Red Camellia

Known as Tsubaki in Japan, camellias are an important heritage symbol. The red camellia seed oil used in this formulation comes from the island of Toshima. Eighty percent of the island is covered by camellia forests, which have been harvested for over 200 years! The seeds are manually picked up and dried in the farmer’s houses before the oil is extracted.

Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin Oil contains healing aspects of the nigella sativa flower, a powerful natural antioxidant. This precious oil has a complex structure of over one hundred elements, including omegas 3, 6 and 9.

Depsea Water

Depsea Water is drawn 200 meters beneath the seas of Japan. Unpolluted and free of bacteria, it has matured over hundreds of years. It provides a rich source of essential minerals and nutrients, its pure hydrating qualities making it a perfect hair primer.

Scented with a signature fragrance of amber, florals, musk and red pepper, all the scents you’ll discover within the range are designed to be blended together for a holistic experience.

the art of haigo

We’ve talked about the art of wabi - being inspired by natural ingredients, however it's now time to discover the Art of Haigo, the other art form which inspires the product formulation, packaging and application of the new range. Haigo is a Japanese painting technique of blending and layering paint pigments. Each of Shu Uemura’s styling products are designed to be blended and layered, encouraging hair artists to explore their own unique blends for tailor-made styling. True to the brand’s Japanese heritage, each product is named (in Japanese) for its natural ingredients and properties!

Awa Volume [ah-wah]

Awa means "bubble" in Japanese. The name Awa Volume represents the hair mousse's maximum volume and soft finish. The hair mousse provides maximum hair volume and body without crunchy residue - hair has the structured look and delicate feel of a bubble! Awa Volume delivers a silky finish, smooth touch, long-lasting medium hold and natural shine.

Ishi Sculpt [e-shee]

Ishi means "stone" in Japanese. The decision to call the product Ishi Sculpt represents the hair pomade's lasting hold, texture, and semi-matte finish. ishi sculpt is a sculpting pomade that texturizes and defines styles with long-lasting workable hold and a demi-matte finish.


netsu design blow dry cream [net-sou]

Netsu means "heat" in Japanese. Netsu Design protects against heat from styling and enables you to create repositionable designs. Re-touchable looks with a natural feel effect!


tsuki shape blow dry spray [tsou-kee]

Tsuki means "moon" in Japanese. Inspired by the soft textures of the moon, Tsuki Shape has the ability to add shape memory and definition to the hair. It has a lightweight and natural feel.

Kaze wave curl mousse [kahzé]

Kaze means "wind" in Japanese. This hair mousse defines curls & beachy waves with long-lasting flexible hold and delivers a soft, weightless finish with natural shine, heat protection and humidity resistance. Ideal for defined, frizz-free soft waves, curls, controlled braids and updos.

Kumo Hold flexible hold hairspray [ku-mo]

Kumo means “cloud” in Japanese. Take hold of your hair with kumo hold, a lightweight hairspray with strong, buildable hold. The micro fine mist can be layered for increased control and reworked to achieve any look.

Shiki worker blow dry primer [she-kee]

Shiki means “four seasons” in Japanese. Prep your hair for any style with Shiki Worker, an air-dry and blow-dry primer that preps and enhances hair; detangles, smoothes, conditions for a silky look. Perfect to use for smooth styles, air-dry styles, and blow-dries.

Uzu Cotton Wave Defining Cream [ou-zou]

Uzu means “swirl” in Japanese. Define your waves with Uzu Cotton, a lightweight, flexible pomade that helps to nourish and define the hair’s natural shape. Great for smoothing waves, apply on dry or towel-dried hair as a finishing product.

Tsuyu Sleek Straightening Blow Dry Oil [tsou-you]

Tsuyu means “dew” in Japanese. Your blowdry’s new best friend. Suitable for normal to thick hair, Tsuyu Sleek is a blow-dry accelerator, the oil in spray coats each strand for smoother, sleeker, shinier hair. Embrace Shu Uemura’s Japanese heritage and the exquisite art of simplicity. Haircare is more than just haircare. Styling is more than just styling. It is a territory of exploration to further express one’s singularity, style, and beauty.

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