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Flawless Finish Glossary

Flawless Finish Glossary
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The allbeauty Glossary For A Flawless Finish Everything you need to know about the best beauty tools for applying that flawless finish!

A is for…

Angled Brush

An angled brush has - you guessed it - an angular shape to its bristles, which allow for greater precision when shading. There are lots of different sizes of angled brush! Larger ones can be swept across the face for contouring or to apply blush, bronzer or highlighter. Brushes can also be used for precise definition on the eyes - including on the lash line. This is the brush you need for adding intense colour to the outer corner of your eye or adding depth to your eye crease.

Angled brushes can also be used to define your brows - perfect for those arches!

B is for…

BB Cream

A BB Cream is a light Beauty balm that has the dual properties of acting as a moisturiser and as a sheer foundation.

Bent Tip Brush

This is a brush which is angled, for easier application of gel formulas such as eyeliner.


Blending is an application technique which makes your makeup look flawless! Blending can be done with the fingertips, with a brush or with a sponge to soften any harsh lines and to make your makeup look more natural.


Baking is a technique used to set makeup, which can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. It has been brought back into focus in Pop Culture, through its use by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, as a 2016 trend on Youtube and through its feature on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Baking involves applying powder under eyes, on high points of the face and onto the T-Zone to mattify makeup and soak up facial oils. It can be used to emphasise the higher points of a face and give crisper edges to contouring and can also aid in colour correction. It can be used to set makeup as it can increase longevity and provide a matte finish - especially useful for those attending events or performing. We don’t recommend this for everyday!

C is for…

CC Cream

A CC cream is a colour correcting cream that has the dual properties of acting as a moisturiser and as a sheer foundation.


The clue is in the name - a concealer is a type of product used to conceal blemishes and imperfections. For example, these flaws may include dark circles under eyes, pores, scars, pigmentation spots or age spots. Popular concealers include those with blemish erasing, brightening/highlighting and colour correcting properties.

Concealer is typically thicker in consistency than foundation and can contain different undertones. It can come in a liquid, stick, cream or pencil form. Concealer can also be used in more dramatic makeup applications to help define a cut crease eye makeup look or to define eyebrow shape.


Contouring is a makeup technique used to emphasise, sculpt and add definition to different areas of the face and body. Different tones of light and dark makeup (such as foundation, concealer, bronzer and highlighter) are applied, with the overall aim being to either enhance certain facial features (for example, Cheekbones or jawline) or to slim down appearances of others.

This technique has been around for years as a well-guarded Hollywood beauty secret. Thanks to the rise of the beauty influencer, contouring became relevant once more in the 2010s!


A Cut-Crease is a technique used when applying eyeshadow! It involves applying two contrasting shades to your eye with minimal blending in such a way that it emphasizes your eyelid crease. This look makes your eyes look wider and draws attention to the eyelid. Concealer or foundation is often used to “cut” the crease and make the look dramatic and defined.

D is for…


A Dewy look often involves a foundation with a luminous finish. This type of foundation contains light-reflecting particles to brighten skin tone. Want skin that glows? Go for a dewy finish!

Doe Foot Applicator

You will often find a Doe Foot brush or applicator in an eyeshadow quad palette or in lip gloss, concealer and liquid eyeshadow tubes. These makeup applicators are so named as the hoof shaped tip resembles the foot of a female deer. Often taking the form of a plastic wand with a sponge tip, these can be used to pack in pigment onto the eyes.

F is for …


The main aim of foundation is to act as the base for your makeup - it evens out skin tone by providing a uniform colour to the complexion. It also can disguise, blur or camouflage flaws and imperfections such as hyperpigmentation, scars or spots. Foundations are not all created equal - some claim to have moisturising properties thanks to the infusion of ingredients within their formula, whilst others may contain broad spectrum SPF to protect from sun damage. Foundation can range from sheer to full in coverage with different finishes (Dewy, Matte & Natural). Formulations include liquid, cream, powder, serum and water based.

H is for…


A highlighting product contains light-reflecting particles, which can help to add a glow or radiance to your skin. Often used in contouring to draw prominence to cheekbones, brow bones, the nose and the Cupid’s Bow, these products help to exaggerate depth and angular structure of the face. Highlighters can come in the form of a liquid serum, powder or cream.

K is for…

Kabuki brush

A kabuki brush is a brush with a short handle (stem) and a dense head of brushes. Traditionally, this type of brush was used in Japanese Kabuki Theatre to apply loose powder evenly to the face.

L is for…

Lash Curler

A lash curler (or eyelash curler) is used before applying mascara to lift lashes and make your eyes look wider. Start by clamping at the root and slowly move along to the tip of the lashes for the ultimate lift. Make sure to lock in your lifted look with mascara!

Lip Brush

Did you know that you can also apply your lipstick with a brush? Lip Brushes are often used by professional makeup artists to create a precise lip look.

M is for…


A matte finish is shine-free. Matte makeup, when applied, often absorbs oil from the face to avoid any pesky unwanted shine This is thanks to oil-absorbing ingredients such as silica and clay. Want your look to be smooth as velvet? Go for a Matte finish. This finish is often chosen for those going for a natural makeup look or for those who want makeup to last all through the day. Long Lasting, matte foundation can also minimize the appearance of pores. If you have oily skin, look for foundation with a matte finish! Lipsticks and eyeshadows can also come with a matte finish.

P is for…


Prep the perfect canvas with a Primer! A Primer is a preparatory cream or gel product which is often used before foundation (or other cosmetics) to create an even base for application. It improves coverage and in some cases, can even lengthen the duration of your makeup look. The only rule is to apply after skincare and before whatever you are aiming to use as your base.

S is for…


Our ultimate recommendation for the flawless finish!

Setting Spray

A Setting Spray is an aerated product which can be used as a face mist to set your makeup. Some setting sprays also have the added benefit of hydrating the skin, thanks to ingredients included within the spray formulation.

Spoolie Brush

This is a brush designed to be used on your brow and eye area. Useful for combing through your brows, blending product, or even just for ensuring your mascara is clump free.

Stippling Brush

A Stippling brush is a blunt flat brush with two layers of dense bristles. Stippling brushes are used to apply and blend make up in a dot formation for an airbrushed, full coverage finish.


A sister technique to contouring, the art of strobing is when light shimmer shades are applied to the cheekbones and forehead.

T is for…

Tinted Moisturisers

If full coverage foundations are not for you, you can also use a tinted moisturiser to hydrate the skin and improve overall skin tone.

W is for…


A Wedge Sponge can be used for applying foundation and blending. It’s angular tip is ideal for applying concealer and highlighter precisely to small areas (such as the side of the nose)

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