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Light Up Your Skin This Summer – Post-Lockdown Skincare

Light Up Your Skin This Summer – Post-Lockdown Skincare
Writer and expert3 years ago
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It’s official, most of the country is now out of lockdown measures, restaurants are reopening, and summer is on its way. With a slow return to normality, many of us will be dusting off the mascara and getting our heels out of storage, but what about your skin?

If you barely recognise the pale, spotty, exhausted face staring back at you in the mirror, you’re not alone. Between the stress of lockdown, the comfort eating and perhaps one too many glasses of wine (ahem), women all over the UK are struggling to get their complexion back to its 2019-prime. So here’s your cheat sheet to making it happen without breaking a sweat.

Start Your Summer Fresh-Faced

With warm weather and more opportunity to socialise, you’re likely to be using more sunscreen and foundation than you’ve done for a while, so it’s important to get back into the routine of cleansing your skin regularly. If you’ve let it slip over lockdown, you’ll probably notice that your skin is a little dull and perhaps even getting more prone to irritation or spots. Cleansing gives your face a fresh start, removing all those microscopic bits of dirt, oil and grime from the outer layer of your skin.

But it isn’t just the cosmetics that are to blame. There’s a lot of extra pore-clogging potential from your mask, too; the humidity, the sweat, the spots... the horror. Make sure you’re changing your mask at the first signs of damp, keep your complexion looking your best with a gentle cleanser, and invest in some mask-proof lipstick, ready for a summer to remember.

Moisturise Your Hidden Bits

Nothing too risqué here; we’re talking elbows, knees, feet - all those areas that have spent much of the last year hidden by pyjamas or loungewear (no judgement!). When left to their own devices, feet, in particular, can quickly dry out and become rough. So, get those toes sandals-ready with some nourishing TLC.

Oil-based body balms are great for tending to those scaly patches and most can be used on all the usual areas you might experience dryness. Soaking in the bath first will help loosen and lift dry flakes. For best results, apply liberally in the evening to allow it to absorb overnight and, for feet, wear a pair of socks to keep the balm on your feet and off your sheets.

Say No To Free Radicals

Getting back into the world during summer comes with both positives and negatives. Along with sunshine and socialising comes increased exposure to pollution, UV rays, and, let’s face it… alcohol. These factors can lead to increased free radicals entering your system and causing oxidative stress on your cells, rapidly speeding up the ageing process.

Keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay by injecting antioxidants into your diet and skincare routine. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and kale are all rich in antioxidants, as are most colourful fruit and veg, so eat the rainbow while giving your skin a little extra support in the form of an antioxidant-rich serum. Containing a range of vitamin-rich oils, the right antioxidant serum will help restore your natural glow and reduce the signs of ageing while also preventing further damage.

Get Into The Sunshine

Last but not least, give yourself a sun-kissed glow fit for your summer wardrobe. Trips to the Canaries may not be on the cards, but with self-tanning supplies at your fingertips, you can still get the look. Say hello to radiant, bronzed skin, wherever you are.

And of course, don’t forget that sun damage is just as harmful to your body as it is to your face, so keep yourself protected with a high SPF sunscreen any time you’re outdoors or in sunlight for extended periods.

So, throw on sun protection and your favourite dress and get out there - it’s your time to enjoy summer 2021.

Writer and expert
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