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Top 10 Must-Watch Beauty Tutorials

Top 10 Must-Watch Beauty Tutorials
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After a year of lockdowns and loungewear, it’s time to reconnect with your favourite skincare and makeup  products for a well-deserved glow-up. And now that socialising is back on the cards there’s no better time to  brush up on your beauty skills or perfect a whole new look.  The allbeauty team has done the hard work for you to bring you ten of the best tutorials from top beauty  bloggers. From everyday makeup routines to getting that summer glow, you’ve come to the right place – and with  exclusive tips from the experts, you can put lockdown life on mute and say a big hello to feeling like your best  self again. 

Shonagh Scott | Two Eyeshadow Smokey Eye Tutorial PLUS Flawless Skin Talk Through 

At some point or other, most people that have tried to master the smokey eye look have end up looking less Beyoncé, and more Uncle Fester from the Addams Family in the process. Getting the hang of creating a smokey eye is a great tool to have in your makeup book of knowledge, and an on-point smokey eye can take your whole look to the next level. Creating a smokey eye can seem tricky if you haven’t tried it before, but professional  makeup artist Shonagh Scott breaks it down step- by-step, keeping it simple by using only two eyeshadows. This smokey eye look would suit a daytime occasion as well as an evening, and the way the eyeshadow is applied makes it perfect for hooded lids too.

While the focus of this tutorial is the smokey eye, Shonagh starts with a simple way to get your skin looking fresh and flawless using the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, so you can use this one tutorial to build an overall  radiant look from start to finish. 

Shonagh’s YouTube channel features a whole range of makeup styles using a variety of techniques and tools, as  well as hair styling tips including a game-changing heatless curls tutorial. Check it out here.  

Shonagh took the time to share some exclusive tips with allbeauty:  

One of my favourite beauty tips, which I have also created a tutorial for, is a game-changing eyelash hack! So  many people struggle to apply eyelashes close to the root of their natural lash line, and more often than not, one edge will ping up giving the game away that you’re sporting falsies. So… simply take your favourite pair of  lashes, trim them to size, apply the outer half with tweezers to your outer lash line, then do the same with the  inner half. Half the break between the two halves will prevent ‘tension’ which is often why the edges ping in the  first place. It also allows you to apply them easily to the root as it’s a smaller section.” 

And a favourite product Shonagh can’t live without? “One product I can’t live without is now my brow pen! As we age, brows become sparse, so this is a great way to  frame the face and add a youthful appearance.” 

Thanks, Shonagh! And you can view Shonagh’s game-changing eyelash tutorial here.  

I Covet Thee | My Full Skincare Routine 

Self-professed professional makeup obsessive, fashion and lifestyle vlogger Alix Coburn goes back to her roots in  this gem of a skincare tutorial on her channel I Covet Thee. You might not really think about a skincare routine  pre-workout, but Alix has it covered - using a gentle cleanser and sunscreen (especially if you’re exercising  outdoors) can help you start your day just right.

A cleanser, hyaluronic acid serum, undereye cream, moisturiser, SPF, and lip balm keeps the morning skincare  routine simple, and Alix’s step-by-step evening routine is where you put in a few extra steps to really nurture your  skin and keep it glowing. From micellar water to cleanse after a day wearing fuller-coverage makeup, to the  products she swears by – including Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Pads for gentle everyday exfoliation and Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair for overnight skin fixes – this tutorial has plenty of expert tips and must-have  products that you can add into your daily routine. 

Shonagh Scott: Natural Looking Eyebrow Tutorial - Microblade Effect 

It’s back to the lovely Shonagh Scott for another brilliant makeup tutorial – allbeauty loves Shonagh’s Natural Looking Eyebrow vlog, which shows you how to get the microblade effect. 

Defining your brows is your ticket to getting that perfectly groomed yet natural look, and Shonagh’s quick and effective tutorial will show you how to get neat, natural, and defined brows in just a couple of minutes. From tips that include using lighter and darker shades as you move outwards from the inner corners of your brows, to switching the angle of your pen strokes for a natural look, this video is definitely worth a watch. 

If you’re looking to really master your brows, there are plenty more eyebrow tutorials on Shonagh’s YouTube channel to help take your brow expertise to the next level.  

Liza Prideaux’s Everyday 5 Step Makeup Routine 

Liza Prideaux shares her secrets in this five-step everyday makeup routine, starting with the all-important prep work. Liza’s routine is perfect for those days when you don’t have too much time to devote to a lengthy morning  routine, whether you’re rushing to work or heading out for some retail therapy (you deserve it). Priming your skin  with the right face cream is Liza’s secret to making sure that you skin stays hydrated and makeup doesn’t sink  into any fine lines during the day. Bronzing and brows are also in this routine, to add dimension and set your look  for the day. Finish with a glossy lip for a fresh look and you’re good to go. When it comes to this step-by-step routine, what’s not to love?

Liza’s YouTubechannel and website are full of amazing inspiration and tips on everything from fashion and  makeup to interiors and motherhood. And as a busy mum of three boys, she knows how to get things done when  time is short. Check out her 5 Step Everyday Makeup Routine here.  

My Summer Evening Makeup by Niomi Smart 

Keeping makeup light during the summer is key to looking good and feeling fresh, and Niomi Smart’s Summer Evening Makeup tutorial is all about creating that perfect summer evening look. While Niomi doesn’t tend to  wear foundation during the hot summer days, she recommends using a light one for nights out with the girls.  Niomi’s secret to looking fresh throughout the day or night? Keep Chantecaille – HD Perfecting Powder close for  quick touch-ups on areas like the T-zone that tend to get oily, and use the benefit Stay Don't Stray primer to keep  your eyeshadow in place all night long. This tutorial is perfect for anyone who wants to get a natural evening look  and a summery glow without having to use too many products – it gets allbeauty’s vote.

Niomi’s YouTube channel is full of tips and inspiration – from eating healthy to fashion advice. Check it out here.  

Rebecca Capel’s Summer Skin Tutorial  

Summer combined with heavy makeup is the beauty equivalent to leaving an ice lolly out in the sun – a sun-kissed, no-melt look with staying power is just what you need, so it’s over to Rebecca. Professional makeup artist and beauty influencer Rebecca Capel has created a must-watch summer skin tutorial, which is perfect for creating a  beautiful summer look with a long-lasting glow. Rebecca’s lightweight no-foundation look in this video means that  you aren’t left struggling under layers of make-up in the heat - instead, a tinted moisturiser and a translucent setting powder keep your skin sun-kissed and radiant all day long. One of Rebecca’s top tips is to stick to a simple  skincare and makeup routine that works for each season, but to play about with colours when it comes to your eyes or lips, so that you can easily switch up your style.  

Check out Rebecca’s YouTube channel Rebecca Capel Makeup for more makeup tutorials - including soft glam  and date night looks - reviews, hauls, and Q ‘n’ As.  

Niomi Smart | My New Makeup Routine 

Here’s another brilliant tutorial from Niomi Smart – allbeauty loves her Everyday Natural Makeup routine, which  covers skincare too. And with international travel now opening back up (sun, sea, and sand - yes please) this  tutorial is a must-watch for anyone going anywhere hot and for travelling in general, too. As tempting as it is to try  and take every single one of your skincare products and makeup with you, Niomi’s step-by-step skincare and makeup tutorial will help you slim down your holiday beauty bag into a few essential products to take with you,  with tips on how to create a fresh, natural look. Niomi recommends using a light touch of the bareMinerals  Mineral Veil to set your look - less is more with setting powders in hot and humid climates. When it comes to the  eyes, Niomi recommends starting with a primer to avoid any creases in the eyeshadow, and since you don’t want  to spend hours of your holiday on your makeup, the bareMinerals Brow Master Sculpting Eyebrow Pencilwill have you good to go in no time – leaving you with more time for Margaritas.  

Two top skincare takeaways from the tutorial? Hydration and SPF. 

View more of Niomi’s great content here

Suzie Bonaldi’s Minimal Makeup For Spring  

In this tutorial, the lovely Suzie Bonaldi walks through a minimal makeup look that provides good coverage and a  gorgeous glow. This tutorial is perfect for those days when you want to look put together but not overly made up,  and it’s ideal for spring too. Suzie starts with her go-to By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum as a base,  giving an instant glow. This tutorial is a must-watch if you’re looking for some extra coverage because of skin  breakouts - or as Suzie says, you can simply skip the foundations if you already have great skin (yes, some people are that lucky).

There are some fantastic minimal eye makeup tips and product recommendations in  there too, including the bareMinerals Lashtopia Mascara for subtle definition.  

Check out Suzie’s YouTube Channel for more amazing content including high street and designer fashion, beauty  product reviews, lifestyle chats and much more. 

CC Clarke Beauty | Contour Do's And Dont's

If you’re just getting into contouring, it can be tricky to know where to start - but while you can get away with a  touch of bronzer for those minimal makeup days, learning how to use contouring to bring out your best features  is so worth it. Singer-songwriter and beauty blogger CC Clarke’s contouring tutorial is perfect for newbies as well  as pros who want to perfect their art of both cream and powder contouring. Allbeauty loves this tutorial because CC Clarke doesn’t just tell you about how to contour, she covers what you shouldn’t be doing – she even demonstrates the mistakes to avoid on one side of her face, making it much easier to see where you could be  going wrong and what good looks like. Her top tip? Always set your contour with a powder like Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder.  

From beauty tips to fashion hauls, lifestyle chats, and music from the amazingly talented CC Clarke, check out  her YouTube channel here.  

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Nail Care 

Beauty blogger Sammy believes that having pretty nails doesn’t mean that you spend hours on them. Starting as  a daily nail art journal, The Nailasaurus is now one of the top destinations for nail art on the internet, and it’s a treasure trove of inspiration for creative looks as well as daily nail care.  

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Nail Care’ gives you a quick four-step bedtime routine to keep your nails healthy and  pampered. The routine doesn’t take much more than 10 minutes, so it slots right into your day. Sammy’s guide covers cuticle removers that melt away unwanted cuticle growth in just 15 seconds, and how to choose the right  nail file. She also recommends including a cuticle moisturiser as a part of your nightly beauty routine, so you  wake up with beautifully moisturised fingers in the morning. 

The Nailasaurus blog is packed full of nail care tips and amazing nail art tutorials for you to try out, including art deco, quilted, marble, glitter, galaxy nails, and even creative looks for the festive season – allbeauty absolutely loves her super cute reindeer nail arttutorial.  

From how-to’s to the latest beauty tips and trends, check out the allbeauty blog here.

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