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7 Ways to Repurpose Your Lipstick

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Lipstick
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Lipstick is such a transformative way to change your look, for better or worse! We’ve all loved a lipstick until it’s been worn down to a nub. We’re also all guilty of making impulse purchases that sit, barely touched, reminding us of our poor decisions.

You know what we’re talking about. That fuschia number which looked so much better when you tried it in-store. The red that turned out to be a little too orange for your skin tone. And the dark plum which makes you look more sinister than sultry. You don’t want to throw them out; they cost good money! Maybe they’ll grow on you (spoiler: they probably won’t).

So, now is the time to do something about it! Dig those glorious little tubes and canisters out from the depths of your bathroom cabinet, makeup bag and glove compartment - it’s time to get creative. Sustainable beauty CAN start at home!

SOS: Lipstick Casualty

Battered and bruised in our handbags, lipsticks can often break, especially during summer when they’re also exposed to heat. If your fave shade has split in two, help is at hand!

The two core ingredients in lipsticks are wax and oil, both of which melt at low temperatures. Simply place the two halves of lipstick back together and seal the seam by quickly passing a flame around the circumference, allowing the wax to melt and then harden. Voila, two become one!

Create A Tinted Lip Balm

Was that matte lipstick all wrong on you? Want something a little more hydrating? Or maybe you just don’t find yourself reaching for lipstick when you’re working from home? Repurpose your lipstick into a nourishing tinted lip balm in a matter of minutes!

Combine one part lipstick with three parts petroleum jelly (vaseline) or coconut oil, then microwave for 5-10 seconds. Mix well and pour into any small container you have handy, ideally an old lip balm tin. You can even add a drop of essential oil for fragrance, but not all are suitable for skin contact, so do your research first.

DIY Lipstick Palette

Can’t bear to throw away those last remnants of your favourite lippy? Whether you err on the frugal side or just want to get the most out of your makeup, we’ve got the perfect way to prolong the life of lipsticks that have passed their prime.

Using a clean tool (a small knife or the handle of a teaspoon should do the trick), scrape out any remnants of lipstick from the container and transfer it into a repurposed eyeshadow palette. Before long, you’ll have a collection of travel-sized lipstick swatches, perfect for taking on holiday or throwing in your handbag.

You’re Making Me Blush!

One of the tricky things about choosing a lipstick colour is that the final look can vary considerably depending on your natural lip colour. Although a super-pigmented shade of lippy may stay true, more often than not, there will be a little bit of variation depending on how light or dark your lips are.

The upside is that even if a particular lipstick doesn’t look great on your lips, it will change its effect on the lighter skin of your cheeks. So, if you’ve fallen out of love with a particular colour, warm a little on your fingers and apply it to the apple of your cheeks to add an instant pop of colour to your complexion.

All Eyes On You

It isn’t just blusher that you can substitute with lipstick. Glossy lids are IN, so make the most of it by swiping on a little lipstick in place of eyeshadow!

Perfect for a night out (when that’s back on the cards), this one works best with sheer bronze and earthy tones, but we’ve seen it executed flawlessly in pink, red and coral too. Simply apply a stripe above each eye and then blend as needed until you get the desired look.

Perfect That Pout

Two-tone lipsticks had a loyal following over the past few years, particularly with those who follow K-Beauty trends. Used to create an ombre look or add definition, the premise of a two-tone lipstick is that your lips’ outer edge is painted a different shade to the inner edge. This gives your lips a poutier look as the change in colour gives the illusion of a more rounded, plumper lip.

The best part is that you can achieve this same look without investing in a two-tone lipstick! Apply your favourite lipstick as usual, and then dig out one of your unloved lighter shades to highlight the innermost part of your pout. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Get Experimental

Last on our list, this option might not be the quickest, cleanest or easiest, but it’s the most fun by far! Channel your inner cosmetic scientist and turn your kitchen into a lipstick laboratory.

As we’ve mentioned previously, lipstick has a very low melting point, meaning you can turn it into a liquid by microwaving it for as little as 5-10 seconds. So, why not grab your rejected lipsticks and create your very own unique colour combination by mixing them?! Pour your bespoke concoctions into any suitable container you have to hand or buy a lipstick mould online. You might even discover a new hobby!

Have you tried any of our tips and ideas for reusing your lipstick? Be inspired by our shade selection on site.

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