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Your Skincare Questions Answered by Clarins Experts

Your Skincare Questions Answered by Clarins Experts
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From multi-masking to choosing a serum, Clarins experts answer your skincare questions.

When it comes to skincare, they lead the way. And with years of experience, Clarins experts are one of our favourite go-to resources for valuable advice. Here's some of our favourite advice from the gurus of great skin.

Which Order Should I Apply My Skincare?

Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream Normal/Dry Skin 50ml
It's very important to pay attention to the order in which you apply products. To get the best from each, make sure you follow  this advice from Clarins:

Your eye area treatment should be applied first if you have one, then your face serum and finally your day cream or night cream. Be sure to exfoliate your skin once a week to make it more responsive to your products.

Clarins Oil Control Pore Minimising Serum 30ml
Why Do I Have Enlarged Pores?

Enlarged pores can be the result of excess oil. As your body produces more oil, the pores expand to allow it to flow more freely. However, Clarins also tell us that "sometimes with age, pores can become enlarged as a result of a loss of firmness." To tackle this, choose matifying products such as Clarins Pore Minimising Serum or a product to restore elasticity such as Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream.

Clarins Essential Care Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate 30ml
How Do I Use Serum?

They're a great way to make your skincare work harder. By adding an extra step in the form of a highly concentrated serum, you can tackle specific skincare concerns alongside your regular moisturiser and night cream. Before you apply serum, the experts at Clarins advise that you warm it gently in your hands. Apply all over the face, then 'drain' the lymph nodes with gentle pressure all over the skin. Don't know which serum to try? Double Serum is a great 'all-rounder' say Clarins, with anti-ageing benefits.

Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector
How Do I Reduce Dark Circles?

According to Clarins, there are 3 types of dark circles. The only type that can be 'healed' is blue-tone circles caused by poor diet and lack of sleep. Hollow circles are due to loss of fat under the eye and are most common as we age. Brown circles are caused by hyperpigmentation so tackle them as you would any dark patches on the face and use concealer to camouflage. When choosing concealer, Clarins advice is:

Choose one that is just slightly lighter than your skin tone and apply it directly to the dark circles. Beware of the "barn owl effect" from overly white shades applied all around the eye! Use the same technique if you have more bluish dark circles.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask Dehydrated Skin 75ml
What Is Multi-Masking?

It began in Korea (where else?) and became a firm favourite of beauty bloggers everywhere. Instead of applying one mask all over the face, you only apply where needed and use several different masks according to your skincare concerns. Clarins explain:

For example, use a purifying mask on your t-zone, one for anti-aging on your cheeks and neck, and a soothing, fresh mask around the contour of the eyes.

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How Do I Cope With Seasonal Skin Changes?

As the seasons switch over, it's quite likely your skin will struggle to catch up. To help your skin cope with cold weather, heavy food and central heating, Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins advises:

To prepare your skin for the changing seasons, apply a mask every morning at breakfast for a week. After seven days of daily masking, switch to once-a-week treatments to maintain results.

Clarins Cleansing Care Anti Pollution Cleansing Milk With Gentian For Combination/Oily Skin 400ml
How Do I Cope With Tobacco and Pollution On My Skin?

If you're struggling to give up smoking or facing a long, daily commute, there are still steps you can take to protect your skin. Clarins advise:

A treatment like Double Serum can limit the harmful effects of tocacco on the skin through its antioxidant and anti free radical action. Applying a Clarins day cream containing the anti-pollution complex will provide extra protection.

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