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Dry Body Brushing – Your Skin’s Favourite Treat

Dry Body Brushing – Your Skin’s Favourite Treat
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You may have heard of dry body brushing. Maybe you experienced a treatment at a spa. But what is it and why are so many people fans? Read on to find out more.

Dry body brushing is as simple as it sounds. Using a specially designed brush you sweep over the whole body in circular motions. It may sound a bit odd, but for your skin it's a wonderful treat. As the brush moves over your body you're removing dead skin cells, stimulating the circulation and helping the lymph nodes remove toxins. As an added bonus, any products you apply after brushing go deeper into the skin.


benefits of dry body brushing

Here are The Benefits of Dry Body Brushing:Removes dead skin cells Helps remove ingrown hairs Stimulates circulation Assists the lymph nodes to remove toxins Improves the appearance of skin and cellulite Improves application of products Relaxes your mind and wakes you up!


how to use dry body brush (1)

How to Use a Dry Body Brush:Try to brush first thing in the morning (it's invigorating!) Start at the feet and move upwards Use circular motions, always towards the heart Don't use the brush on your face, or anywhere sensitive Shower after brushing and apply products

We love Elemis Sp@ Home Body Detox Skin Brush

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Here's what fans of dry brushing said:

My skin feels like a baby's ...all of those annoying little bumps on my legs are gone, gone, gone!

Always feel like I am in a spa when I use mine. Goodbye, dead skin!

Truly therapeutic!!!!

The exfoliating process from dry brushing is helping to keep my skin moisturized better on its own.

The lymphatic cleanse may at first be a bit... Urgent. I brushed at midnight ... and was running to the bathroom at 10:00am the next morning.

To complete the dry brush experience, and for a real 'spa at home', we like to add treats from the Elemis collection of bath and body products. We suggest taking the 30 day brush challenge - try to brush every day for a month to give yourself time to see the benefits.

Are you a fan of dry body brushing? Comment below and let us know the benefits you've seen.

Writer and expert
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