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Hair-Free Legs For Summer? Follow Our SmoothSkin Challenge!

Hair-Free Legs For Summer? Follow Our SmoothSkin Challenge!
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Our Beauty Editor Claire is on a mission to get smooth, hair-free legs for summer. Follow her progress as she takes the SmoothSkin challenge.

SmoothSkin Gold is the most powerful IPL home-use hair removal device on the market. Follow Claire's progress as she aims for smooth, hair-free pins this summer. WARNING: this post contains pictures of unwaxed, winter legs!

SmoothSkin Gold
Right now my legs (and probably yours) are snuggly wrapped in jeans and thick tights. But come summer, the struggle for bare legs will be real! Already something of an expert in IPL, my legs have been on the 'to tackle' list for a long time. So when lucky (lucky!) me managed to get my hands on the fabulous SmoothSkin Gold 200, I realised now is the time to make that dream a reality. And you can follow me from treatment to treatment as I aim to get super smooth pins in time for the summer.

My SmoothSkin Gold Challenge!

smoothskin gold patch test
SmoothSkin recommends one treatment every week for 12 weeks, with a monthly top up to maintain results. So, I'll be treating my lower legs every Tuesday beginning 6th February 2018 and reporting back with my progress. Here's the result of my patch test done 4 weeks ago, where I treated a strip of leg. Treatment was incredibly quick with absolutely no pain (it just feels a little hot with each flash). I'm super impressed with how smooth and hair-free the test area already is!


How To Do A SmoothSkin Patch Test

It's really important to perform a patch test first, before you go on with your treatment, to make sure there's no skin reaction. If the skin's fine after 24 hours, you're ok to carry on with treatment after 1 week. Here's how quick and easy this is:

About SmoothSkin Gold


SmoothSkin Gold prides itself on being one of the fastest devices on the market for at-home hair removal. An impressive 94% of women* who trialed SmoothSkin Gold experienced noticeable, visible permanent hair reduction. And a whopping 96% of women who tried SmoothSkin Gold said they'd recommend it to their friends, and 94% said they'd use it as their normal hair removal regime. (*From an independently approved Clinical Study of 50 women). It's not just for your legs either, you can treat your whole body, at home, at a time that suits you.

About IPL Hair Removal

Here's a quick lesson on how IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal works:

  • A split-second burst of light is flashed over the hair to be treated
  • The light is attracted to the melanin (colour) in the hair and travels down the hair to the root
  • Once it reaches the root, the light disables it. The hair falls out and regrowth is prevented

There are a few things to note: IPL isn't for everyone, if your hair is too light or your skin too dark then you won't be suitable.  You can use IPL hair removal unless the hair you want to treat is white, grey, red or light blond. This is because there isn’t enough pigment in the hair to attract the light. You can use IPL hair removal unless your skin is very dark. This is because the light will be attracted to the pigment in your skin as well as the hair.

We're using the SmoothSkin Gold 200 but you can shop the full range of SmoothSkin right here at allbeauty. Check here for a progress report on Claire's results using SmoothSkin, or you can follow on any of our social channels.


Writer and expert
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