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Laneige Skincare & Cosmetics: Our New K-Beauty Brand

Laneige Skincare & Cosmetics: Our New K-Beauty Brand
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Laneige UK fans are smiling right now! Let us introduce you to the exciting K-Beauty brand, available from allbeauty.

You can now shop Laneige UK (and worldwide) at allbeauty. Prices and information correct at time of posting.

Using natural water from the Himalayas as its key ingredient, Laneige skincare creates 'moisture energy' for clear, supple, glowing skin. Together with a range of cosmetics, this innovative K-Beauty brand is suitable for all skin types. From cleansing products to serums, sun care and anti-ageing, there are products for every person of every age. In fact, over 20 years of technical research led to the discovery by Laneige that water enhances the effects of brightening and anti-ageing products. It's incredible to think that something so basic and everyday as water can be key to the skin you've always wanted.

The Laneige Water Bank Range for perfect skin hydration - shop here
As the weather becomes colder, make sure you're giving your skin the moisture it needs. Our Water Bank line delivers maximum hydration all day long for the smoothest skin imaginable.?

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A Little About The History and Philosophy of Laneige

You are born with your physical appearance, but your unique appeal can be created. Sparkling Beauty is what Laneige pursues to discover beauty within you.

Created in 1994 in South Korea, Laneige (French for 'the snow'), recognised that a woman's skin is the foundation on which she builds her beauty. But over time the skin loses its ability to hold moisture, which in turn leads to damage and aging. If cells can be helped to hold onto moisture, then youthful, glowing skin can be achieved.

Beyond clear, radiant, and glowing skin, we also seek to unleash that dazzling charm within you.

Following the success of their skincare line, Laneige revealed a range of cosmetics in 2007. Today they have over 200+ stores located in Asia, the United States and Canada, New Zealand and Russia. And now you can shop Laneige online in the UK, right here at allbeauty!

Laneige BB Cushion is a worldwide bestseller - shop here.
DYK: 1 BB CUSHION is sold every 10 seconds worldwide? #bbcushion #laneige #makeup #foundation #cosmetics #skincare #waterscience

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Laneige Skincare

Using their patented Water Science (TM), Laneige focusses on 5 key areas:

  1. Moisturising
  2. Special Care
  3. Whitening
  4. Anti-ageing
  5. Boosting

Laneige is endorsed by popular actress Song Hye-kyo (who believe it or not is 35!)

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We're very excited to welcome Laneige to allbeauty, but we'd love to hear from you. Are you already a fan of the brand or excited to try it? Comment below and tell us, and don't forget to tag #allbeauty in your Laneige hauls.

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