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Winter Skin Care Survival Tips

Winter Skin Care Survival Tips
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From bad weather to central heating and overindulgence - our winter skin care survival tips are just what you need!

Winter is a tough time to be skin: we're either scoffing mince pies or battling the weather on the daily commute, not to mention the central heating drying out our skin - it's not good news! Our winter skin care survival plan will keep you on track for the party season and beyond.

Clarins Face Treatment Oil Blue Orchid Dehydrated Skin 30ml
Deep moisturise, day and night: it's a given but make sure you do it!! Use a lighter day cream  underneath makeup and a deep, nourishing night balm to repair and soothe. At the very least, make sure skin is fully moisturised every morning to avoid that tight, painful feeling  (that leads to premature lines and excess oil production). Consider a facial oil at night and apply before your cream for maximum absorption.

Serums are incredibly results-driven and can work a lot deeper into the skin than a moisturiser can. Encapsulated with a much higher grade of active ingredients, a serum can really boost the skin’s natural moisture levels whilst offering powerful anti-ageing benefits. - Gatineau

Clarins Cleansing Care Cleansing Milk With Alpine Herbs Dry/Normal Skin 400ml
Review your cleanser: cleansing milk is a better choice at this time of year, since it offers better hydration. And if you already struggle with dry skin, use a moisturising toner after you cleanse and before you moisturise. Just splash it on with your fingers, no need for anything fancy! But your skin will thank you.

Jane Iredale Face Smell the Roses Hydration Spray 90ml
Pack a hydration spray: hydration sprays are great for summer and winter skin care, but having one on-hand is a must at this time of year. Keep it in your bag and whip it out as soon as you feel dryness, tingling or soreness. A quick spritz over the face (yes, even over your makeup) will add instant moisture

Wear foundation or CC cream: two reasons for this, firstly you’ll look nice (win!) and secondly you’ll have a physical barrier between you and the elements (win!). Using a CC cream will also add hydration, a must if anti-ageing is a concern. For extra skin armour use a winter barrier cream like Weleda skin food, especially if you prefer little or no makeup.

VICHY Laboratories Mineral Mask Collection Double Glow Peel Mask 75ml
Have a clear out: everyone can suffer from blemishes at this time of year. Excess sugar, alcohol and late nights all affect the body’s balance, while dry skin can lead to excess oil production and blocked pores. Take time to assess your skin: weekly exfoliation and drinking more water may be all you need, but for more congested skin turn to an acid based product to peel away dead skin and remove impurities fast.

Did You Know? The most powerful part of a home facial is the massage stage - it immediately tightens, tones & improves skin's suppleness. - Decléor

L'Occitane Shea Butter Verbena Liquid Soap 500ml
Change your handwash: choose something more soothing than soap and look for ingredients such as Shea Butter. While you’re there, pop a travel moisturiser in your bag for dry hands and lips - or noses that have seen too many tissues!


Elizabeth Arden Body Care Visible Difference Special Moisture Body Formula 300ml
Indulge: this is the time of year when you can really pamper skin with face masks, oils and nourishing serums so give your skin some ‘me’ time. Don’t forget the body, especially the neck and decollétage. Turn down the shower temperature (just a little!) to protect body skin and apply a thick body butter or oil over wet skin to lock in the moisture.


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