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Bio-Oil Review – What Is It & How Does It Work?

Bio-Oil Review – What Is It & How Does It Work?
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Our Bio-Oil review lifts the lid on the best-selling product. We explain what makes the oil so effective and how to use it.

Bio Oil Ingredients

BIO-OIL Review Infographic
Containing very few ingredients, Bio Oil is actually a powerful blend of essential oils and vitamins.

The roles of Vitamin A and Vitamin E have long been known when it comes to skin care. Vitamin A is essential for normal skin health and also the repair of damaged skin. Vitamin E has known wound-healing abilities as well as other skin benefits such as reducing inflammation and moisturising the skin.

Lavender oil has long been used to heal wounds, and is especially effective on burns. Calendula oil comes from the marigold plant and has countless benefits, including soothing and moisturising skin, and stimulating healing.  Rosemary oil helps to moisturise and is antibacterial. Chamomile oil is anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin.

The added ingredient is PurCellin Oil. This ingredient is a synthetic oil that thins the formula and it's this ingredient that makes it easily absorbed into the body.

Bio Oil are members of Beauty Without Cruelty, the oil contains no animal derived ingredients and the oil is not tested on animals.


Bio Oil Review

Opening a bottle of Bio Oil, the first thing you notice is the beautiful scent. With so many essential oils in the mix, that's hardly surprising! The over-riding fragrance is rosemary, but it's a soft and very appealing aroma. The oil itself is coloured a soft rose-pink and it's packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle. Forget conventional oils, when you apply Bio Oil to the skin it feels soft and silky and absorbs fast (the key to its appeal and effectiveness). Also, a little goes a long way. One drop is enough to cover the hands or face, just a few drops is enough to cover the abdomen.

Bio Oil Review Sarah Berryman
We asked Blogger and Mother of two Sarah Berryman (@iamfabulicious) about her experience with Bio Oil. Sarah told us

Bio Oil is affordable and reliable and it kept my skin nourished, supple and soft through two pregnancies, and despite the weight gain I didn't get a single stretch mark.

How To Use Bio Oil

Bio Oil Review
You can use Bio Oil to both prevent and treat.

Stretch marks: if you're pregnant and looking to prevent stretch marks, the best way to use the oil is to apply after a shower, while the skin is still wet. Simply massage into the skin anywhere on the body where stretch marks may be a problem. You can also add the oil to body butter or any other skincare product you're using. Use around a tablespoon for the whole body or more if your skin feels tight and dry.  If stretch marks are old and you're looking for improvement, apply twice a day to the area and massage in well. Remember that it takes the skin 30 days to renew itself, so keep up your routine.

For anti-ageing: apply a few drops of oil to your skin at night, before you apply your night cream. The oil can be used all over the face including the delicate eye area. Pay attention also to your neck and decolletage and mix a little with your hand cream.

For scarring: apply the oil twice daily, massaging in well. Again, remember the skin takes 30 days to renew, so give it time and keep up the routine. If you're using it for acne scarring and still have the odd outbreak, Bio Oil is safe to use as it's non-acne forming.

As a moisturiser: a few drops underneath makeup or added to your handcream are enough to keep skin lovely and soft. Or add a few drops to a basic body butter for an extra moisture boost.

More About Bio Oil

Created in 2002, Bio-Oil is a combination of highly effective essential oils and key vitamins. When combined, these ingredients are powerhouses for the skin.

Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and non-acne forming, the oil can be used all over the body. It can be used to prevent and improve stretch marks, to improve the appearance of scars, to improve skin texture and elasticity and as a general moisturiser.

Bio Oil is 100% safe for pregnant women and has been used by thousands during and after pregnancy to both prevent and treat stretch marks.

Bio Oil Results

Since before and after shots can be graphic, we haven't included them here. However, a Google search brings up impressive before and after shots, like this scar reduction, this abdomen stretch mark improvement and this leg stretch mark reduction. Over on Instagram, there are equally effective images (please note: these images are not ours, we have verified them as far as possible).

Shop Bio Oil

You can shop Bio Oil online at allbeauty and expect to save around 40% off the RRP. To see our range of Bio Oil please click here. Worldwide delivery is available (see site for details).

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