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#GatineauChallenge Follow Up: What Our Bloggers Thought

#GatineauChallenge Follow Up: What Our Bloggers Thought
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Last month we asked beauty bloggers Holly and Rachel to take the #GatineauChallenge. Here's what they thought of the Gatineau range.

The #GatineauChallenge is to use only Gatineau products for 5 days, using the Gatineau Beauty Box.  The box contains everything you need to achieve fresh, glowing skin after just 5 days and is available online at allbeauty.

Holly Sturgeon Hollys Beauty Box #GatineauChallenge
Holly Sturgeon(Blog | Instagram)

Holly told us:

"I used the products for three weeks in total to really trial it properly (one of those weeks was even a period week!) and found the full system worked well for me. Initially, I had a few blemishes surface (presumably ones that were under the skin and the products were drawing them out) but these quickly disappeared within a day or two.

The gentle eye makeup remover was my saviour. I regularly have irritated eyes (contact lenses!) and the area surrounding my eyes is dry and prone to little white bumps, so it was important for me to use something gentle. This definitely fit the bill and did its job without being too harsh. It felt cooling too which was ideal. I've even noticed fewer little white bumps and it didn't struggle to get rid of stubborn mascara.

HollysBeautyBox #GatineauChallenge
I think what transformed my skin the most were the Melatogenine products - the mask, cleansing cream and rejuvenating cream. Normally, I use Micellar water and scrubs on my face, but using the cleansing cream really added moisture to my dry skin without being oily. I used the rejuvenating cream every night after cleansing and found it still left my skin feeling soft in the morning. Throughout my hormonal week, I used the mask three times. My skin felt fresh and looked bright after using it so this would probably be my go-to hormonal week product.

The only thing I disliked was the cloth. It's definitely a 'love it or hate it' texture and I just couldn't get away with how rubbery it felt. With that said, it was so much easier to clean than a standard muslin cloth!"

Rachel@ BeautyQueenUK (Blog | Instagram)

Beauty Blogger Rachel aka Beauty Queen UK also gave us her thoughts on the Gatineau range. Here's what she told us about each of the products included in the #GatineauChallenge beauty box:

  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - an amazing product which managed to remove one of the toughest waterproof mascaras that I own, without the need to rub or scrub - a few wipes across the eye using a cotton pad removed everything.
  • Double Sided Cleanse Cloth - was slightly scratchy on my skin using it the first time, so I washed it in the washing machine and air dried it. After which it became much softer on my skin.
  • Refreshing Cleansing Cream - I used this as a first cleanse and was surprised at how successful it was at removing almost all of my makeup. It felt as though I was cleansing my face with a moisturising cream due to the texture but with the power of a cleanser. No 'tightness' feel to my skin after using.
  • Enriching Gommage - I liked that it is free from grains and beads but still did a really effective job on my skin. No irritation or redness from using it.
  • AOX Cream - I don't have lines or wrinkles as yet so I couldn't really comment on its effectiveness of being an anti-wrinkle formula but it did leave my skin soft and smooth to the touch.
  • Future Plus Mask - as with the AOX cream and wrinkles,  I don't have lines or wrinkles as yet so couldn't really comment on its effectiveness of being an anti-wrinkle formula, but it did really hydrate my skin and leave it soft and smooth to the touch.

Hazel@StrandOnBeauty (Blog | Instagram)

"Overall, this was a great introduction to the brand and helped me to understand which products were right for me and that I would use regularly. "

Popular beauty blogger Hazel @ Strand on Beauty also tried the #GatineauChallenge and you can find out just what Hazel thought by reading her full post here.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the challenge! If you'd like to take the #GatineauChallenge yourself, head to allbeauty where the box is available and contains everything you need to transform your skin in just 5 days.

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