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Clean Girl Beauty

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Makeup trends are forever changing, and thank goodness for that. After all, how boring (and painful) would it be if we were still flaunting the over-plucked eyebrows and brown lipsticks of the nineties. And while many makeup looks are flashes in the pan, seen briefly on the catwalks and then dropping off the radar forever, others are here to stay.From bushy natural brows, a la Cara Delevingne, to the “no-makeup makeup” look that has become increasingly popular over the last few years, effortless, natural-looking makeup looks like it's here to stay. The newest iteration is called Clean Girl Beauty, and is styled by all the hottest celebrities, with Zendaya, Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington-Whitely amongst them, to name a few. And it’s not just celebs rocking the Clean Girl look; it’s taking the world of TikTok by storm, with countless videos offering advice on how to nail the look without a personal team of stylists. Intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know about Clean Girl Beauty. 

What Is The Clean Girl Look?

Clean girl makeup is a fresh, minimal, polished look that extends beyond just your choice of products. The poster “clean girl” has slicked hair held in a low pony or bun, understated jewellery, a glowing complexion and perfectly manicured nails. It’s about looking expensive, regardless of your bank balance. While other trends popularised by celebrities require a lot of practice - looking at you Kim K - the “clean girl” look is relatively simple to pull off.  All that’s needed is the right products and a light touch. 

It’s All About Skincare

Although it won’t be mentioned by influencers and TikTok creators, one of the most important steps in the process of creating a clean makeup look is your skin. The more issues your skin faces, the more concealer you’ll need to create an even complexion. Clean Girl Beauty encourages the use of sheer products which give you a more natural finish than full coverage, so prioritise your skincare and reap the rewards. 

Use an exfoliator that is tailored to your skin type, which will help even your tone and smooth your complexion. Not sure where to start? Learn more about choosing an exfoliator. Then, follow with your usual hydration routine. 

Here Comes The Glow-Up

Glowing, healthy skin is a must for any Clean Girl, and the go-to products to achieve the look are BB cream or primer. There is a wide range of products to suit dry, oily or combination skin, so find one that’s tailored to your needs, looking for words like “dewy” or “luminous”, as opposed to matte.

If the thought of using a primer instead of foundation fills you with dread, try a tinted moisturiser instead, which offers slightly more coverage. Remember, you’re aiming for a natural-looking glow, not flawless coverage.

Keep It Creamy

With so much focus on dewy, radiant skin, it will come as no surprise that powder has no place in Clean Girl Beauty. Mattifying and flattening your skin, it’s time to sideline your powders until the next makeup trend comes along. Even liquid cosmetics can settle into fine lines, so in general, look for creams as the first point of call.

Cream concealers should be applied lightly where needed, while blush should be swept up and over the cheeks toward the temples to give your face an instant lift. In particular, Perricone MD No Blush is a great choice, with a gel-cream texture that is buildable to give that perfect flushed finish.

If you’re a fan of contouring, try a cream bronzer to give a little definition, but remember to keep the overall look as natural as possible. 

Give It Some Gloss

It’s just as well this look involves slicked back hair, because sticky, juicy gloss plays a big role in Clean Girl Beauty, and we all know how that ends on a windy day. Choose a sheer shade that closely matches your lip colour, or keep it simple with a clear gloss.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s super glossy, without a metallic or shimmery finish and layer those babies up for ultimate shine.

Bushy Brows

Full, bushy brows play a key role in any natural makeup look, giving your face definition and personality. But, keep in mind that the aim is to look as natural as possible, so try to avoid using pigmented products if you can help it. Instead, choose a clear brow gel that laminates and exaggerates your brows and helps to fix them in place.  

Not blessed with naturally bushy eyebrows? Read benefit’s Ultimate Brow Styling Guide.

Slick Back That Hair

Slicked back hair is a staple for Clean Girls everywhere and is the perfect go-to for low-effort styling. Start with a centre part, then comb your hair into a low ponytail or bun. Apply a little gel or oil to keep frizz and flyaways at bay, and then seal everything in place with a high-strength hairspray

Curly girl? Tame those edges with something more heavy-duty. A wax or paste combed along those stubborn areas works a charm and gives you the sleek look you’re aiming for. 


Last but certainly not least, no “clean girl” look is finished without healthy, manicured nails. Like all other elements that create the look, the aim is to look natural yet expensive. Keep your nails a natural shape, then opt for a simple French tip or a glossy coat of sheer polish in a nude or pink before finishing with a topcoat. 

And there you have it, seven simple steps to transform you into a Clean Girl from head to toe. Try it for yourself and enjoy the low-maintenance, high-impact look all year long. 
Writer and expert
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