The Insider’s Secret To Shiny, Frizz-Free, Healthy Hair: the boar bristle hairbrush

As celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward reveals the secret to Kate Middleton’s shiny locks, allbeauty looks at why a boar bristle hairbrush is so good for the hair.

It’s long been known that boar bristles are supreme when it comes to hair and scalp health – the classic Mason Pearson boar bristle hairbrush was invented in London in 1885 and earlier versions were around even before then.

Top 10 Benefits Of A Boar Bristle Hairbrush:

  1. Creates shine by moving natural oils down the shaft
  2. Seals the cuticle
  3. Reduces frizz and static
  4. Gentle on the hair
  5. Minimises breakage
  6. Stimulates blood flow
  7. With repeated use leads to shinier, healthier hair
  8. Long lasting tool
  9. Reduces washing frequency
  10. Soothing feel

Suitable for all hair types including African hair, think of them as a conditioning treatment rather than just a styling tool. That said, a round boar bristle hairbrush is ideal for blow drying as it safely grips the hair and minimises breakage, whilst reducing frizz and giving you shine to die for. Some people claim the regular use of a boar hairbrush means less washing and although the thought of regular brushing may fill you with horror (as you envisage greasy, limp hair…) boar bristles actually remove build-up from the hair and distribute oils evenly.

Tips for using a boar brush:

  • Brush dry hair you want to distribute the hair oils and also avoid breakage
  • Brush from root to tip in long, even sweeps
  • Brush regularly make this a daily routine
  • Brush in sections to ensure even coverage

If you’re gifting then these premium brushes by Mason Pearson are perfect.
allbeauty stock a range of premium and entry-level boar bristle hair brushes. Worldwide delivery available. This post last updated April 2018.

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