Beauty Buzzword: What Is RESVERATROL?

It’s everywhere, but just what is Resveratrol, how does it work and how the heck do you pronounce it? We’re here to explain all.

So what is Resveratrol? In a nutshell, it’s an antioxidant that skincare experts love, known for its ability to fight UV damage and effects of pollution. It’s pronounced RES-VER-A-TROL.

caudalie what is resveratrol

Resveratrol – The Science Bit

One of the beauty buzzwords you hear a lot these days is ‘polyphenols’ and Resveratrol belongs to this family. It’s an anti-oxidant which basically means something that goes around your body mopping up harmful little horrors called ‘free radicals’. These little charmers do fun things like ageing you and damaging your DNA, so the more anti-oxidant action you can get the better. Of course, diet is a great place to incorporate this (think fruit, vegetables and um wine – yes really!) but skincare can target problems directly. Polyphenols are believed to attack the ageing effects of UV which are the most damaging to our skin.

An expert from L’Oreal recently told us of a great soundbite she heard from a Dermatologist. If skin could be protected from UV light right from birth, every single day, then 80% of your ageing just wouldn’t happen. You could (in theory) remain youthful until your 80th birthday.  So it stands to reason that finding something to fight the effects of that damage would be A Very Good Thing! That’s where Resveratrol comes in.

First and foremost, Resveratrol’s anti-oxidant properties have been shown, through test-tube experiments, to be particularly effective in fighting the effects of UV and pollution damage. Additionally, recent research conducted by L’Oréal found that Resveratrol boosts skin’s existing anti-oxidant defences, improving its ability to respond to (and repair) signs of UV damage – VICHY

vichy slow age what is resveratrolHow To Use Resveratrol

Remember when we just said eating anti-oxidants was a great idea? Well, it is, but when it comes to Resveratrol tests have shown the opposite. Anything you ingest is metabolised too fast to be of use, so in fact, using Resveratrol on the skin is the best way. We’ve been using brand new VICHY Slow Age Night Face Cream & Mask, which is pure, natural Resveratrol combined with Chinese Baicalin root (that gives it that lovely chocolate colour). So far we are loving it – the texture is thick and creamy and melts into the skin, leaving it feeling strong and supple, with a morning glow. Noticeable results so far on our guinea pig are reduced patches of pigmentation and improved overall skintone and elasticity.

You can shop Resveratrol online at allbeauty. And while you’re here, do you know what Hyaluronic Acid is? Let us explain….

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