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Italian Beauty

What secrets of the Mediterranean give Italian women their effortless, natural glow? The answer lies in simple, natural ingredients. 

Like much of Europe, Italy is a country where culture, class, and quality of life are incredibly important. And when we say class ; take that to mean that innate confidence, elegance, and grace that radiate naturally from within so many Italian women, whether they work in a fashion house in Milan or a vineyard in Veneto.

Italian Beauty, at its essence, isn’t just about what looks good but what makes you feel good. The emphasis isn’t on the latest products or trends but focuses instead on natural beauty, local ingredients, and products that prove their worthiness.  

Moisturise Like You Live In The Med

The first step to unlocking your inner glow is to find a hard-working moisturiser. Italian women favour heavier moisturisers as opposed to thinner lotions, which ensures all-day nourishment.

With so much time spent in the great outdoors, it isn’t just the face that needs extra hydration; body skincare is also a must. Traditionally, women would use pure olive oil for this task, an ingredient that is in abundant supply. Today though, many prefer to use body butter, lovingly massaging it from head to toe.

And while some women in allbeauty’s Global Beauty lineup swear by avoiding the sun at all costs, Italian women enjoy the simple things in life, including the sunshine. That’s not to say that they have a blasé attitude toward skin health though, sun protection is still a must.

Natural and Multi-Purpose Ingredients

One of the many ways that Italian women simplify their beauty routine is by using products with multi-purpose ingredients. Olive oil has long been a staple thanks to its high content of Vitamin E and squalene, which together lock in moisture and improve the condition of both skin and hair. 

However, as olive oil is also comedogenic, meaning it can black pores, many women turn to more contemporary options to achieve the same effect. An excellent alternative for achieving the same radiant glow, modern multi-purpose products offer the ultimate convenience and are an ideal way to smooth, hydrate and protect.

Long, Luscious Locks

You can’t talk about Italian Beauty without highlighting that crowning glory – thick, shiny hair. And while the Mediterranean diet undoubtedly plays a part, there’s another secret to healthy, bouncy hair, which is lesser-known. 

Women of all ages regularly visit hair salons. In fact, many of the older generation don’t clean their hair at home and instead go to the salon three times a week for a wash and style. Younger women, too, visit the salon regularly to have their hair and nails taken care of for a fraction of the price you’d pay in the UK. Thankfully that isn’t the only option for those wanting to replicate the glossy locks of Italian Beauty.

Haircare label Davines is an Italian export that is making waves in the industry. Using natural ingredients, eco-packaging and ethical production, they’re as passionate about the planet as they are their products. Try their OI Oil or Momo Hair Potion and experience the quality for yourself.

Un Bel Profumo

Smelling great is an integral part of the feel-good approach to Italian Beauty, with emphasis on finding a signature fragrance over following ever-changing-trends. And Italian women certainly have no shortage when it comes to perfume, as their home is the 5th biggest fragrance exporter in the world, with brands like Prada, Armani and Versace all originating from the bel paese (beautiful country).

A few of the most popular perfumes in Italy today are:

Browse a wide selection of Italian perfumes, or get help finding your signature scent using the allbeauty Fragrance Finder.

Effortless Elegance

Last but not least in Italian Beauty, is makeup. As you may have already guessed, again, this means a more natural look. Between radiant, sun-kissed skin, hair and nails fresh from the salon, and a heavenly signature scent, there really is no need for much makeup. 

The main cosmetic you’ll find in Italian Beauty tends to be lipstick, defining the most sensual part of the face and using a pop of colour to contrast against bronzed skin. Uniquely in our Global Beauty lineup, brows are generally left alone, further adding to the naturally-gorgeous appeal.

So why should you adore Italian Beauty? Not only does its ethos embrace natural beauty and feeling good but also because it’s arguably one of the easiest beauty regimes to replicate at home. With a handful of quality products, you can shorten your daily routine and still look and feel fabulous when you step out the door. Ciao bella!

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