Travel Hero: TEN Ways To Use 8 Hour Cream

It’s the Elizabeth Arden skincare product you can’t live without. But did you know how many uses it actually has? Here are TEN ways to use 8 Hour Cream.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream

Ask any blogger, model or seasoned traveller which item is always in their beauty bag, chances are they’ll tell you: Elizabeth Arden’s bestselling 8 Hour Cream.

A mix of lanolin, oils and vitamin E, the cream works by soothing and moisturising skin. What may surprise you though, is the inclusion of salicylic acid, which removes dead skin and encourages new growth.

More than your run-of-the-mill moisturiser, it helps to heal, soothe, restore and protect.  He’re ten of our favourite  ways to use Eight Hour Cream…

  1. Tame Unruly Eyebrows
    Yep, nothing slicks, conditions and tames eyebrows like 8 Hour Cream. The consistency of the product means brows stay in place all day. Use fingers or a spooly to lightly dab across the eyebrow. While you’re there, you can use a little on the eyelids for added shine and if you’re not a fan of mascara then dab a little on the lashes to separate and condition.
  2. Sunburn Remedy
    Of course you always wear sunscreen and never get burnt, just like us *cough*. But if you are caught out, 8 Hour Cream is the perfect balm since it was originally created as a healing cream back in 1930. In fact, Elizabeth Arden used it on her horses’ bruises!
  3. Smoothing Hair Tips
    Need to tame those ends on the go? A little 8 Hour Cream finger-combed through the ends of the hair will do the trick.
  4. Soothe Dry Lips
    Used as a lip balm, the vitamin E and petrolatum content of 8 Hour Cream is just what you need when lips are dry and sore. And for all other times it doubles as a lip gloss alone or over lip colour.
  5. Soften Elbows
    Elbows are often neglected. One of the ways to use 8 Hour Cream is to rub in a little on the elbows every day for smooth, healthy skin.
  6. Cuticle Salve
    Perfect for rubbing into cuticles, 8 Hour Cream moisturises and nourishes, without leaving a sticky residue. Apply a little before your manicure for happy nails.
  7. Nipple Cream
    If you’re breastfeeding and need help with sore or cracked nipples, 8 Hour Cream is a great remedy. Containing lanolin and vitamin E, it gently soothes and heals skin.
  8. Cracked Heels
    Mix a little 8 Hour Cream into your foot balm (or use alone) to tackle cracked heels. The mild level of salicylic acid in the cream exfoliates the heels, while the mineral oil and lanolin helps to nourish cracked skin.
  9. Facial Moisturiser
    For an on-the-go moisture boost, 8 Hour Cream is ideal – warm a little between the hands to make it easier to apply, then use as normal. Anyone can use this method, regardless of skin type – in fact the salicylic acid in the cream makes it ideal for acne prone skin, while the vitamin E content aides scar healing.
  10. Hand Cream
    It goes without saying that one of the most popular ways to use 8 Hour Cream is as a hand cream. With no sticky residue and a light, pleasant fragrance, your hands will thank you – especially if they’ve been working hard or working out.

You can shop Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream at allbeauty – click here to browse the range. And let us know if you have any suggestions we haven’t included here!

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