Ultrasun Sun Safety Q&A: Your Questions Answered

We checked in with the experts on those all-important questions from tanning to SPF.  Keep you and your family safe with our Ultrasun sun safety Q&A.

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Our Ultrasun sun safety Q&A is a must-read for anyone heading off to the great outdoors!

You can’t take risks in the sun, whether you’re ‘only at home’ or you’re looking for a deep tan, be sure to stay safe. Shop all sun and tan here at allbeauty.

How much sun cream would I need for a week’s holiday?

As a rough guide we would suggest 100ml per child per week and 150ml for an adult.

Is it possible to tan even with a high protection factor?

A good sun protection product does not affect the natural tanning capacity of the skin. Ultrasun isn’t a sunblock but a filter. Therefore your skin is still able to breathe and tan. Always start with a higher protection factor and move down when your skin has acclimatised. By protecting your skin like this your tan will last for longer.

Does the shade protect you from sunburn?

Shade given by trees and parasols only gives protection from around 70% of UV rays. Protection – applied indoors at the beginning of the day – covers all potential sun scenarios. Out of the shade, remember a simple shadow rule: the shorter your own shadow, the higher the sun and the greater the risk. Take a long lunch break in the shade and try to avoid sunbathing until after 3pm.

Do I still need sunscreen on a cloudy day?

Yes. Over 90% of UV can penetrate light cloud cover, and this remains a common mistake and reason for sunburn – both in the UK and abroad.

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What factor do I need?

Choosing the right factor is not necessarily about age – more skin tone and where you are or going to. To find the right factor for you, we recommend visiting the Ultrasun sun account.

What factor do I need for my children?

This depends on skin type and where you are. We would normally recommend Ultrasun Family 30 in the UK and Ultrasun Extreme 50+ abroad as a general rule of thumb.

Will sunscreen prevent me from getting Vitamin D?

Ultrasun is a filter not a sun block, so your skin still functions – i.e. tans, melanin develops, receives vitamin D, but slower. In addition, the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) states that continued sun exposure does not result in ongoing vitamin D production, so there’s no benefit in sunbathing for long periods of time purely to increase vitamin D levels.

I suffer from prickly heat what do you recommend?

Ultrasun Family 30 or Ultrasun Extreme 50+ are our most sensitive formulas that we recommend to prickly heat sufferers

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Can I apply other products to the skin before I apply Ultrasun?

It is really important that Ultrasun is applied FIRST to clean, dry skin before another moisturising or beauty product to allow Ultrasun to fully bind with your skin. You can put your skincare over the top and you are not wasting it. Cleanse, tone, Ultrasun!.

How do I apply Ultrasun & how often?

All Ultrasun products need to be applied to clean, dry skin at least 15-30 minutes before going out in the sun. Use plenty and really let it sink in before sun exposure. Look out for easy to miss bits (around shoulder straps and your clothing). How you apply sun cream matters: do it first thing, do it indoors and apply enough. Regardless of the brand you use, any application in direct sunlight (i.e when you’re already on the sun lounger!) increases evaporation before it’s had a chance to bond with the skin, reducing its power to protect. Because of the technologically advanced formula, Ultrasun products require just one application a day to deliver long lasting, high level protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Generally one application is sufficient but another application may be required after extensive sweating, swimming, towel drying or in extreme temperatures.

Thanks to Ultrasun for their sun safety tips. You shop all Ultrasun products online at allbeauty – check here for special offers and free gifts!

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