There’s no doubt that the cold weather can be tough on our skin. Here’s how you can nurture and protect your skin throughout the winter months.

Exfoliate weekly

Regular exfoliation is one way to keep your skin healthy and glowing during summer and autumn, but winter doesn’t mean you should put exfoliating on the back burner. Cold weather and low humidity can leave skin dry during winter, so using an exfoliator weekly can help to buff away patches of dry skin to reveal smoother, softer-looking skin beneath.

Give your skin the nutrients it needs

Taking care of your skin means nurturing your whole body. As well as making seasonal changes to your skincare routine, check your diet too. Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables such as beets, broccoli, grapefruit, and pomegranates - which all contain potent antioxidants - can help bring back your skin’s natural glow.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Proper hydration is essential all year round, and especially during the winter months when the cold air can dry your skin out. Alongside plenty of water, opting for warming soups and healthy juices can help top up your hydration levels and keep you feeling good from the inside out.

Rescue chapped lips

Cold air, lower humidity and windy winter weather can leave the thin skin on your lips dry and cracked. As well as exfoliating your lips, apply SPF to act as a barrier and protect the skin. Products rich in Vitamin A, E and lanolin are good for protecting exposed skin from further damage.

Don’t go out with damp skin

Damp skin exposed to the cold air can become more prone to chapping. Although it’s an easy step to skip when you’re in a rush, always dry your skin properly before heading out - regardless of how busy you are!


Moisturiser is your winter skin’s best friend. Make moisturising a part of your daily routine, and invest in a good hand cream to prevent itchiness and cracking.

Choose the right winter warmers

Some of the fabrics we wear during winter months, like wool, can aggravate dry winter skin, making it irritated and itchy. To stay cosy while letting your skin breathe, layer up underneath your winter woolies.

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