5 Easy Ways To Look Younger Now

Seeking ways to look younger? We’ve come up with 5 simple changes you can make today.

We often forget that makeup needs to evolve as we age. We find a look that suits us, get used to it, and don’t notice when it no longer works for us, so we’ve chosen our top 5 ways to look younger that you can try tonight. If you’re making any of these mistakes, be brave and try our alternatives. It can seem a big change at first but we’re confident you’ll see an improvement. And remember, if you really don’t want to change something then don’t! It’s your look, so you do you.

Ways To Look Younger: Ditch The Vampy Liner

Ways To Look YoungerYou wore black liner for years and now it seems second nature. Your eyes just don’t look ‘right’ without it. We get it, but black eye liner (especially when worn all round the eye) is draining and just too much for most people over 35.

1. Take your shade down a notch for a softer look. Start with chocolate brown liner and aim for a mid-brown shade
2. Only line the lower lash as far as your iris for a more ‘open’ look
3. Use eyeshadow instead of liquid or pencil and blend it out

Ways To Look Younger: Define Your Brows

Ways To Look Younger

This is the tip you must do! Take 30 seconds to fill in any gaps with a pencil one shade lighter than your natural brow colour (if in doubt soft brown suits most people). Or try a brow tint which adds colour and volume to sparse brows. Keep it soft and if you’re doubtful, do one brow and compare! Watch this video by YouTuber MayraTouchofGlam to see the difference a brow makes. They frame the face and give definition and lift to the eyes.


Ways To Look Younger: Swap Powder For Primer

Ways To Look Younger

Steer clear of powder by switching to primer to keep makeup in place. Anything that could be drying, define pores or allow product to settle into lines is a no-no-no! Choose primer+moisturiser in one for added youthfulness and while you’re there, make sure your foundation has brightening pigments.

If you must wear powder to set undereye makeup, apply it with a damp blender sponge to avoid creasing.

Ways To Look Younger: Give Blusher 2 Fingers

Ways To Look Younger

Blush placed too close to the nose really ages you. So take a tip from YouTube makeup guru Wayne Goss: use 2 fingers placed alongside the nose to make sure there’s a gap just the right size before the start of your blush. It’s simple but it makes such a difference.

You can watch Wayne’s video here and we highly recommend it, Wayne really knows his stuff.


Ways To Look Younger: Dial Down The Lips

Ways To Look YoungerHard, matte lips may be popular with the Insta crowd  but they can be very ageing. A classic red lip can always work but otherwise opt for softer lip colours with a moisturising finish (or wear with a top gloss). These are also great if you’re prone to lipstick ‘bleed’ since the look is more forgiving.




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