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This No Makeup Tutorial Is The Only One You Need

This No Makeup Tutorial Is The Only One You Need
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Lisa Eldridge just gave a masterclass and her no makeup tutorial has left us stunned!

Plus our Beauty Editor Claire tried the no makeup tutorial - see the end of this post for her verdict.

No Makeup Makeup - sounds so simple, but anyone who's ever attempted it knows it's really not. It takes skills, an arsenal of makeup, time, and luck. And it's really hard not to look ill or tired - right? Well no, scrap everything you thought you knew! Because makeup genius Lisa Eldridge just uploaded this video to her YouTube channel and blew us away.

This video is where you'll learn how to get the look, which products you actually need and her secret tips to getting it all right. It's simple, it's easy and everyone can do it.

Here are Lisa's key tips to pulling off the 'no makeup' look:

  • Eyelids - your eyelids need to be completely neutral. That means a soft base that covers imperfections but doesn't leave any shine or colour
  • Use a slanted brush to push mascara into the lash line - that gives the impression of liner without the hard, made-up look (a technique she uses on her celebrity clients, including Kate Winslet)
  • Use brow gel to keep brows soft and groomed
  • Apply a peach liner to your waterline for an awake look

Our Beauty Editor Tried Lisa Eldridge's No Makeup Tutorial

claire no makeup tutorial
I've tried any amount of looks, but 'no makeup' has always been a fail! I could never get to a point where I was made up enough that I was happy, but un-made up enough that it looked natural. For me, my biggest worries are: I'm over 40 and the thought of removing colour / drama from my face is scary. Plus I also have genetic dark circles under my eyes and, at time of writing, we're just out of #snowmageddon week, which has been junk-food-central. My skin is still recovering, could it really do no makeup?!!

Well happily the answer is YES! YES! YES! I found this tutorial so easy to recreate using only 6 products (foundation, concealer, mascara, brow gel, highlighter, blush) and here's the proof! On the left is me a few weeks ago with my usual look, trying new BADgal Bang! Mascara by Benefit (the mascara I also used for this look) - I'm big on eyes and full brows! And on the right is my totally not posed 'no makeup' look, copying Lisa's tutorial exactly (no filters, promise). What do you think? I'm particularly impressed by the brow gel, I never thought my poor sparse brows could come back to life so easily!

No Makeup Tutorial Before After

My favourite tips were the lashline mascara trick, which totally looks like liner. Also peach along the waterline was genius (I used my peach undereye corrector). But for me, the number one way to pull this off, is getting the eyelids right - I didn't have a shadow that was neutral enough (memo to self to invest) so I used a tiny bit of foundation and went in with Lisa's pinpoint technique to cover any pigmentation. Once my lids were a blank canvas it just all came together.

If you've tried Lisa's No Makeup Tutorial, comment below and tell us how it went. And of course you can top up your beauty supplies online at allbeauty.

Writer and expert
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