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Look Your Best With New NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil

Look Your Best With New NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil
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It's the start of BST this weekend which means our sleeping pattern goes AWOL! Award-winning NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil combines a great night's sleep with natural skincare...

You can shop new NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil online at allbeauty. And this month we're giving you the chance to win a NEOM Scent To Sleep Trio of Face Oil, Pillow Mist and Candle - the ultimate for a great night's sleep! Keep reading to learn more.
NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil

What's the easiest way to look great? Get a good night's sleep! British wellbeing brand NEOM is all about creating little moments that fit into your day and help you relax, de-stress and feel uplifted.  So we were thrilled to hear about new NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil.  A 100% natural face oil that not only leaves your skin deeply nourished and hydrated, but helps you get a great night's sleep, with the 100% natural NEOM Tranquillity fragrance. And it's already an award winner, picking up the beauty shortlist Award for best new skincare launch of 2018.

Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil Nicola Elliott
We checked in with NEOM founder Nicola Elliott to find out more about their latest innovation.

"We know that many of you already use our Face, Body & Hair Oil on your faces so we set to work. And two years later we are to give you a fantastic, super-exciting, multi-tasking secret weapon. Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil.

Given the high standards we set for ourselves, we sweated over… how to make it super special… 100% natural… how to make it suitable for all skin types… how to make the most luxurious, non-greasy formula… the most sleep-inducing scent. It was no mean feat!

Face oil at night needs to do a completely different job to the day, so (most importantly) we started with the ingredients which had to tick off these three things…

1. Super, super nourishing 2. Helps you sleep 3. Restores your skin cells (while you’re catching zzz’s) And then we added in another one for luck… 4. 100% natural We like a challenge!

This little bottle is packed full with a whopping 11 superstar nourishing oils like sweet almond oil – a fast absorbing oil – super moisturising and with a non-greasy feel. Coconut oil – the best skin replenisher and great for hydration. Olive oil – rich in Vitamins A & E as well as antioxidants plus omega-3 fatty acids. You’ll also find wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil, peach kernel oil and rosehip fruit oil… the skin-loving list goes on.

And don’t forget the oils in our 100% natural Tranquillity fragrance: lavender, chamomile and patchouli.

Result? A formula which truly packs a punch. Gentle on the skin. Easily absorbable. Soothes your skin with minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, E and F and omega 3, 6, and 9 while the essential oil blend – perfectly adapted for the face – kick starts your mind to sleep mode to help you with those all-important zzz’s. Because let’s face it, your skin always looks its absolute best after a great night’s sleep."

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Writer and expert
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