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Arctic Beauty Secrets – The Story Of Polaar

Arctic Beauty Secrets – The Story Of Polaar
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What if the secret to your beauty was hidden beyond the Arctic Circle? Come with us on a journey of discovery through Polaar's Arctic Beauty Secrets!Although the Arctic is sometimes thought of as a barren icy place - devoid of life - the truth is quite the opposite...

A remote, pristine landscape located in the northernmost part of the earth, the Arctic is the polar region that surrounds the North Pole and showcases a wonderful range of native flora and fauna, some of which can’t be found anywhere else on earth! It was here, 30 years ago in 1990, that the Polaar brand was dreamt up by Daniel Kurbiel, the teenage son of a Polar explorer.

The story of Daniel's fascination with Arctic beauty secrets began when he embarked on a voyage aboard the Vagabond, an icebreaker leaving for the far North on a scientific mission.  He soon crossed paths with Maria Olech, who showed him her studies into lichen - the small plant organisms that can survive for millennia under extreme conditions. It was the extraordinary properties of lichen which sparked a realisation in Daniel -  that a remote world with an almost unknown flora contained active ingredients of unequaled rarity and purity.  And so Polaar was born. 

Polaar, the pioneering French brand and expert in Polar research, applies all of its cosmetic expertise to enhance your beauty. Through the application of pure Arctic ingredients such as Arctic Berries, Siberian Ginseng, Nunatak Flowers, Polaar's unique textures and incomparable fragrances will take you on a journey across the far North.Formulas have been inspired by the traditional beauty recipes of Lapland women,  as well as by the active ingredients cultivated and harvested by local producers in Scandinavian countries.

 Polaar's Values:

#1 Respect Mother Nature#2 Be a pioneering brand#3 Pure and Rare Ingredients#4 Local Expertise#5 Inspired by the Arctic, Made in France

Polaar's Ingredients

The Seven Wonders of the Arctic Circle Discovered and Collected by Polaar

Arctic Berries Found in Genuine Lapland range Nourishes– Repairs – Protects

Grown and harvested in Lapland by Finnish producers, these berries are extracted by cold Cryogenic extraction (-28°c), to preserve all the properties of the fresh plant and prevent their oxidation.  The mix of arctic berries contain :

#1 Blackberry, an important source of Vitamin C (antioxidant).# 2 Raspberry, considered the noblest berry of the Nordic countries.#3 Cranberry, known to have nourishing, restorative properties.

Arctic CottonFound in IcePure range Cleanses – Detoxifies – Soothes

Arctic Cotton grows in the vast wilderness of Scandinavian countries, preserved from any pollution. Harvested by hand, the flowers and stems are dried and macerated in hot water and glycerin to obtain their extracts. 

Iceberg WaterFound in IceSource range Hydrates – Softens

Polaar's Glacier Water is collected in Canada,  from icebergs that stand at the confluence of the Hudson Strait and the Davis Strait, facing Greenland. Not only is there no trace of pollution, the water of these icebergs also contains an abundance of minerals and trace elements. 

Siberian OliveFound in Northern Light range Promotes Radiance – Regenerates – Hydrates

The exceptional regenerating properties of the Siberian Olive have long been classified as top secret. The tree produces a small berry that contains more than 108 natural active ingredients with an unparalleled concentration of vitamins: 30 times more Vitamin C than a single orange! The fruit is a powerful ally in fighting against free radicals, photo- ageing and dehydration. Harvested in the wild, the fruits are then pressed and macerated in hot water and propylene glycol, and the extract is then clarified and filtered to give the extract.

Nunatak FlowerFound in Eternal Snow range Redensifies – Illuminates

The Nunatak flower is a rare and protected plant, managing to survive the last ice age, where nearly 90% of living species were destroyed. The plant took refuge on rocky spurs not covered by ice: Nunataks (hence its name) and developed its own defence system to cope with intense cold and dryness. This resulted in its morphological adaptation to produce antioxidants. In order to preserve nature, Polaar reproduces and cultivates stem cells of this Nunatak Flower sustainably, according to patented expertise. 

Boreal AlgaeFound in Polar Night range Regenerates – Smooths – Relaxes

In the depths of the Polar oceans, where light is scarce, lives a mysterious algae: Rhodymenia Borealia. Under the influence of the blue light of the moon, it synthesizes phytomelatonin. This plant enzyme is similar to melatonin, a hormone which is secreted by the brain at night for night cell regeneration.

Siberian GinsengFound in IcyMagic range Tones – Decongests – Illuminates

Once harvested, the roots of Siberian Ginseng are macerated in a hot solution, which is then clarified and filtered to give the extract. More concentrated in micro-nutrients than classic ginseng, it is an adaptogenic plant that stimulates the body to increase its resistance to the different types of stress / fatigue that affect it. 

Have you been inspired by the story of Polaar? Discover the beautiful mysteries that lie beyond the Arctic Circle - Shop the full range

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