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Easter Ski Sun Safety Tips with Ultrasun

Easter Ski Sun Safety Tips with Ultrasun
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Heading to the slopes this Easter break? Our Ski sun safety tips will protect you and your family. Plus we have top picks from sun protection experts Ultrasun.

Your equipment is ready and the chalet is booked, but ski sun safety is vital, especially if you have little ones. Ultrasun has you covered when it comes to sun protection for the whole family.

Did you know? Higher altitudes increase UV radiation from the snow. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, at altitudes of 10,000 feet UV radiation could be as much as 35 to 45% stronger than when you're at sea level. You should also allow for the reflection of UV light from the snow, which means the same rays are hitting you twice. Factor in wind chill and you can see why it's vital to protect the skin!

Potency may be higher in warmer months but UVA is a year round issue and Ultrasun products have a UVA filter of over 90%. UVA causes damage to the deepest skin layers even reaching the subcutaneous level - Abi Cleeve, Ultrasun UK MD

How To Apply & How Often

How you apply sunscreen is just as important as when and where. Here are Ultrasun's top tips:

  • Do it first thing, do it indoors and apply enough - at least a teaspoon for the face
  • Regardless of brand chosen, any application in direct sunlight (ie when you're already outdoors) increases evaporation before it's had a chance to bond with the skin, reducing its power to protect
  • Leave at least 15 - 30 minutes before heading out into the sun and take your time. If rushed you may miss a bit
  • Re-apply after excessive sweating or contact with the snow
  • Apply to any areas that will be exposed such as ears, neck, and lips

Which Sun Protection Do You Need For Skiing?

  • You need a broad spectrum sunscreen ie one that protects from UVA and UVB rays
  • Take a minimum of SPF30, preferably SPF50. Check Ultrasun's handy calculator to see which level you need
  • Always take a lip protector and apply it often
  • Wind and snow can result in sore, dry, chapped skin so a moisturising product is vital

Our Top Picks For Ski Sun Safety

Below are just some of our favourite Ultrasun products, ideal for the slopes. Click any image to browse, or to see the whole Ultrasun range click here.

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