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Get Creative With Your Packaging!

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There is a special joy in opening your door to see the cardboard package you’ve been waiting for. At allbeauty, we like to think our packages bring you a little bit of joy - especially when times are a bit dull and bleak. But we’ve been thinking… what happens after the box has been opened?

We wanted to share some of our favourite ways to reuse packaging that you might have lying around the house, namely, cardboard boxes. allbeauty boxes!

We love knowing our boxes can be reused for all manner of things, from the obvious, like posting gifts to loved ones, to the not so obvious. It’s these not-so-obvious-hacks & cardboard crafts that we’re sharing with you today.

The ideas below fall into two categories: creative box ideas for the home, and creative box ideas for kids. Why not get everyone involved in some wholesome family fun and see who can create the most impressive reincarnation for their cardboard box!? We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Creative Box Ideas For The Home

Think outside the box (pun intended) with these crafty ideas for transforming your home.

DIY Picture Frames

Finding the perfect sized frame for your wall art can be a tricky task, particularly if you’re regularly changing your décor! With just a little embellishment and some spray paint, custom picture frames couldn’t be easier to make. You can also easily find haberdashery supplies online that will help you to furnish your creations! Result? Artwork that is gorgeously on-trend!

Drawer Dividers

We love this idea for minimum effort but maximum effect. Simply trim a box to fit within your drawer and create separate storage space for your smaller items. No more rifling around in drawers to find your favourite pair of socks!

Gift Tags

It’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas, so why not repurpose your brown card for gift tags? You can buy special cutters for this purpose, but we had just as great results using scissors.

Napkin Rings

Just because you’re not holding dinner parties doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little fine dining at home. Add a touch of class to your next meal with homemade napkin rings created from recycled card. Jute twine makes an excellent addition for rustic or shabby chic decor.

Use To Create Pom Poms

Feeling seasonal? We are big fans of Stacey Solomon’s crafting at allbeauty and as Easter is on the horizon, why not stash away some cardboard to make like Stacey and craft some Pom Pom bunny tails?

Another trend for 2021 is the Pom Pom garland - using different colours of yarn, you can easily craft your own ETSY style string to up your interior game. You didn’t hear it from us…. but you could even combine the two concepts to create a Easter Bunny Pom Pom garland!

Just cut your boxes down into donut shapes and store to be ready for when Pom Pom inspiration hits.

Cardboard Letters

If you’re looking for an incredibly satisfying project that won’t take hours to complete, try creating letters from your leftover cardboard. Great as wall art or for displaying on a shelf, the letters can be left natural, decoupaged, or open-fronted. We’ve even seen them decorated with fairy lights - the possibilities are endless!

Cardboard Embroidered Jewellery

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it; cardboard jewellery can look infinitely more luxurious than you might think. Embroidered with thread in your chosen colours, you can recreate the ultimate boho look to match any outfit.

Cardboard iPad Case

Can’t find an iPad case that reflects your style? Creating a personalised case is simple when using cardboard as the base. Doodle, decorate, découpage or deck out in a cute fabric for something as unique as you are.

Cardboard Chandelier

We’ve saved the best of our creative home ideas for last. Yes, you read it right, the cardboard chandelier. With a craft knife, boxes, glue and a ton of patience, you too can create the ultimate repurposed lighting for your home. The transformation from box to luxury lighting is only restricted by your imagination. Fit with LED string lights or battery-powered candles for safety.

Cardboard Crafts For Kids

Keeping the children entertained is no small feat, but with these crafty ideas, they’ll be busy for hours. We can’t promise it won’t be messy, but we can promise it’ll be a lot of fun.

Personalised Puzzles

Print off a family photo or your child’s favourite superhero, then attach to your recycled cardboard backing. Cut into a variety of shapes and let your kids knock themselves out, rearranging their very own personal puzzle.

DIY Puppet Show

Too much screen time? Why not encourage the kids to put on their own puppet show? Characters can be drawn on cardboard and attached to sticks, and a larger box can even be converted into a stage.


Do you remember those Build Your Own Dinosaur sets from the ‘90s? Find a stencil online and cut out your own components, ready for your children to assemble into their own ROAR-some dinosaurs!

Toy City or Dollhouse

Are you overrun with boxes? Embrace the chaos! Children will love turning the various sized boxes into a city for their toys. Even the smallest of boxes can be turned into a structure to treasure - you can use offcuts of carpet and material to decorate a miniature doll’s house! Allbeauty dream house, here we come!

Best of all? When the novelty wears off, the boxes can be flattened and popped into the recycling.


Kids adore roleplaying, and a toy kitchen is just one of the many things you can create to help extend their play. Depending on how ambitious you’re feeling, you can make a simple oven with a hob, or a full kitchen including drawers and shelving!

Beauty Salon

There are some fabulous ideas for creating the beauty salon experience at home. Cut out cardboard into the shape of hands and let your little one practise painting nails, or thread pieces of wool through cardboard until you have enough “hair” to practice plaiting or cutting.

With so many ideas to choose from, we can’t wait to see your creations! Share them with us on Instagram @allbeautyhq and we will repost our favourites!

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