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Eco-Friendly Beauty & Cosmetics: The Benefits Of Going Green

Eco-Friendly Beauty & Cosmetics: The Benefits Of Going Green
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The plastic problem.

Plastic waste is everywhere – it can even be found in the deepest parts of the ocean. More than half of plastic produced is for disposable items that will only be used once, and it’s estimated that the average European or American person will use 100 kilograms of plastic each year – most of which is the packaging.
The ingredients which make up our beauty staples can be harmful to the planet too. Microbeads, which are tiny pieces of plastic, are found in lots of conventional personal care and beauty products, such as exfoliants, toothpaste, glittery makeup and body scrubs. Microbeads enter the water, soil, and even the animals we eat. Using eco-friendly cosmetics is one way you can reduce your impact on the planet, and more and more consumers are making the switch. 

Eco-friendly ingredients 

Eco-friendly cosmetics are made from environmentally friendly formulations, followed by eco-conscious production practices and packaging methods. These ‘green’, sustainable cosmetics are made using natural ingredients that are produced from renewable raw materials. Aside from the benefits when it comes to the health of our planet, eco-friendly beauty products tend to be made from natural and organic ingredients, so they can be a great option for those with sensitive skin. Eco-friendly cosmetics are also likely to exclude harsh chemicals, reducing the risk of flare-ups and damage to your skin. Some common sources for sustainable cosmetics include: •  Natural oils such as coconut oil, argan oil and avocado oil•  Agricultural plants such as corn and soybeans. 

Swapping single-use packaging for multi-purpose products 

To work towards a more conscious and responsible beauty routine, start by looking at the number of beauty products you use every day. Could any of them be crossed off the list? Try opting for multi-purpose beauty products where possible - aside from saving us time and money, these all-rounders can reduce our impact on the environment too. 
Simplifying your beauty routine (and streamlining your cosmetics bag at the same time) allows you to limit your plastic consumption; reducing the number of products you use will mean less plastic packaging ends up in landfills and our oceans. 

Refills and reusables 

The second step is to find more sustainable alternatives to your usual products. Some brands provide refills – from refillable mouthwash to deodorants, refills mean you won’t have to buy another plastic container each time you run out of your favourite products. You can even get reusable cotton pads! You can also try swapping minis and regulars for supersize versions of your beauty essentials – supersized products use less packaging and need less regular shipping because they’ll last you longer. With climate change firmly on the global agenda, forward-thinking, conscious beauty brands have been investing in creating great products and packaging that eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are our top picks.


Balance Me Anti-AgeingVitamin C Repair Serum 30ml

Paul MitchellLavender Mint Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner 300ml


Neal's Yard Remedies Facial MoisturisersFrankincense Intense Age-Defying Cream 50g


M.A.CRetro Matte Lipstick

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