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The Complete Guide To Calvin Klein Obsessed

The Complete Guide To Calvin Klein Obsessed
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Calvin Klein Obsessed is a reinvention of the iconic fragrance for him and her. Here's your complete guide to the newest scent.

Calvin Klein Obsessed

Echoing the original CK Obsession, but reblended for men and women today, comes the evocative Calvin Klein Obsessed.

Deeply based in memory, Obsessed is once again as much about the incredible scent as the iconic advertising campaign for Obsession, featuring an 18 year old Kate Moss and photographed by her 20  year old boyfriend Mario Sorrenti. It's fair to say, few fragrances before or since have matched Obsession, both in terms of worldwide fame, inspiring emotion and creating eternally loyal fans.

We bring you the complete story behind Calvin Klein Obsessed for men and women, new for 2017.

CK Obsessed: The Campaign

Calvin Klein Obsessed Mario Sorrenti

Many of us remember the original campaign in 1993 and the stir it created. Yet few of us know the astonishing story behind it. Real-life couple Kate and Mario were sent to the Virgin Islands, alone, with no crew, no stylists, no team. There, Mario shot over 250 images of Kate, alongside hours of video footage.  Mario recalls that the shoot felt more like a vacation than work and describes it as 'personal and intimate'. The resulting pictures have been described as personal, honest, and real, major factors in their enduring appeal.


I was so passionate about photography, and Kate and I were in love... I loved photographing her. We were young, and I was never again so obsessed or so in love with photographing one person." Mario Sorrenti - Photographer, OBSESSED and OBSESSION campaigns

The campaign for Calvin Klein Obsessed draws on unseen footage from the original shoot and is focussed on bringing back the images as memories.

Calvin Klein Obsessed: The Packaging

Calvin Klein Obsessed For Women

Understated, contemporary yet sensuous. The new Obsessed bottles echo the original Obsession, to become almost a memory in themselves. Clear, crisp yet sensual. Obsessed is the first fragrance to be released by Calvin Klein, since the appointment of Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons, the Chief Creative Officer at Calvin Klein. The almost stripped-back bottles reflect his desire to return to the sensual heart of the house and its iconic fragrances, with a modern, fresh twist.


Calvin Klein Obsessed - The Re-Invention

If one thing summed up CALVIN KLEIN for us visually, it was Mario Sorrenti’s OBSESSION campaign with Kate Moss... We thought about a scent that could reflect such an idea of memory and desire for today. Of male and female, of the memory of somebody else on your skin - RAF SIMONS, Chief Creative Officer CALVIN KLEIN

Calvin Klein Obsessed For Women
Obsessed for Women An Oriental Aromatic Green. A masculine Fougère structure is contrasted with feminine warmth; the fragrance is formed around a base of White Lavender, while creamy Musks envelope and sensually soften. The tension of the aromatic top notes with the smooth creaminess of the back, further explores the tension between the masculine and the feminine.

  • Top Notes: Sacred Citrus, Neroli Essence, Elemi
  • Mid Notes: Violet Leaf, White Lavender, Purple Sage
  • Base Notes: Musk Helvetolide, Ambrette, MuscenonePerfumer Annick Menardo Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc
Calvin Klein Obsessed for Men

Obsessed for Men An Oriental Woody Amber. A compelling heart of Black Vanilla is sophisticatedly structured with dark, dimensional woods, providing the tension between a feminine melodiousness and masculine strength. Ambrox elegantly cuts through all, lending a sleek and contemporaneous edge.


  • Top Notes: Oro Blanco, Grapefruit, Sichuan Pepper, Black Cardamom
  • Mid Notes: Cedar Leaves, Labdanum Firnat, Blonde Leather
  • Base Notes: Patchouli Cœur, Black Vanilla Infusion,  Ambrox Super

Perfumer Ilias Ermenidis Perfumer Christophe Raynaud

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