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How To Choose Your Spring Fragrance

How To Choose Your Spring Fragrance
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Want to choose your spring fragrance but not sure where to start? We've come up with new suggestions for him and her.

When you choose your spring fragrance, what do you look for? Is it a fresh, clean scent with citrus or floral notes? For most people that's the norm, but it's not set in stone - spring fragrance can be anything you want. We've rounded up with some fab scents for spring (from fragrance families you may not have considered). 

Choose Your Spring Fragrance: A Fresh Twist - Sea Notes

Aquatic fragrances with sea notes are so refreshing and clean, and evocative of the ocean. They're also a great alternative to the usual citrus scents. Look for a fragrance with ‘sea notes’ and ingredients such as sea salt and ozone. Ideal for every situation, from the office to a cruise ship. You'll feel uplifted and revived each time you spray (and reminded that summer is just around the corner). Here are some recent releases we love:

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Choose Your Spring Fragrance: A Breath of Fraiche Air

Eau Fraiche is a lighter kind of scent and will leave behind a gentle aroma. Many big names now have an ‘eau fraiche’ version of their famous lines, so you can keep your signature scent but take it down a level as the temperature warms up. Or, for something completely new, choose a standalone Eau Fraiche like the beautiful range of fragrant water sprays from Roger & Gallet. Here are some lovely Eau Fraiche scents to whet your appetite. 

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Choose Your Spring Fragrance: New Romantics

Spring makes all of us lust for flowers, so if you’re certain you want a romantic, floral scent then perk things up with a recent release. Here are some favourites that recently appeared on site - did you spot any of them?

[pjc_slideshow slide_type="new-romantics"]

Choose Your Spring Fragrance: Layering products

One last tip: don't forget to layer your scents for a lighter, all-day finish. So where possible, choose a gift set or matching products including body lotion and deodorant. That way you'll achieve a lingering fragrance instead of a deeper, intense spray.

Have you chosen your spring fragrance yet? Comment below and tell us what you'll be buying. Shop perfume and men's fragrance and aftershave online at allbeauty.

This post was updated March 2018.
Writer and expert
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